Battle For Hogwarts

A boy named Marcus and his best friend George are in their Seventh year at Hogwarts the same as the famous Harry Potter. Marcus was in Ravenclaw and so was George. But the year turns out into a battle involving Lord Voldemort. They must help and stop him reaching Harry...


4. Old Memorys

Harry was on the way to the Boat House. Running across Floor 5 and defeating Death Eaters on the way, he met Ron at the end of the corridor who was with Hermione trying to unlock a door. "Hey mate",Said Ron. Harry just waved back, as the door swung open and they ran through.

George was on the Grand staircase with some other students right at the top keeping out the Death Eaters from smashing their way in and destroying the stairs.

"I think their gone, its so quite",Said George. Everyone else was pleased and they all walked down to the Great Hall. On Floor 5 an explosion came out and burst the door to Floor 5 corridor. Harry ran past with his friends and George was terrified as he watched them run down to the stairs, George noticed Death Eaters coming down Floor 5 corridor and before he knew it they have already trapped him and the other students. "Expulso",George shouted. Two of the Death Eaters flew back and hit their heads on the steps as they fell down the stairs. The rest of the students started dueling aswell and made it to Floor 4 before they were trapped again. "Rictuscempra",George roared and fired at another lot of Death Eaters. He ran down all the way avoiding attacks from Death Eaters. The other students were blocking the attacks. George was standing outside the Great Hall and looked back up at the stairs, the rest of the students had finished off the Death Eaters. George looked down the stairs at the dungeon corridor. At the end their was a portrait that he only just knew the password too, Marcus and a Hufflepuff girl were walking up towards him. The girl went inside the hall to heal her burning leg while Marcus spoke with George. Marcus heard a girl scream outside the Hall Courtyard and ran out to see Harry and Ron running down to the Boat House stairs and Scabior an evil wizard attacking Lavender Brown. She was in Gryffindor and on the floor. Hermione was already at it defending her by casting spells at Scabior. Marcus ran around the side trying to avoid being seen by Scabior and ran to the bridge, he turned around and a giant was standing there and it swung the quidditch pole aiming at Marcus. Marcus ducked and it missed. 

"Impedimenta", Marcus shot at the Giants chest it fell back off the side of the bridge. He turned and saw Scabior on the floor.

"Don't hurt anyone ever again", Hermione threw his wand and it landed in front of Marcus and snapped. She then continued her journey to catch up with Harry and Ron. Marcus was wondering what they were doing.

Harry turned around the corner and saw Lord Voldemort stood there holding the elder wand. Then he noticed Snape aswell and knew something was wrong or about to go wrong.

"Why won't it answer to me",Voldemort argued and then turned to Snape. Snape was annoyed and looked it in the eye, of telling Voldemort over and over that it only answers to the person who disarmed the owner of the wand which was Dumbledore. "You, you killed Dumbledore, so maybe..."

"No Lord there's no need for anymore of us to die", Snape spoke calmly. Voldemort turned his back from Snape and called his snake.

"Kill him", Voldemort said. The snake jumped at Snape and Snape fell over hitting his head against the glass but not breaking it. The snake bit Snape's neck and left with Voldemort. As soon as he left Harry ran in and tried stopping the Blood from Snape's neck coming out. Ron came over with a potions bottle and gave it to Harry.

"Take my memory, take my tears and see the truth", The last words of Snape that came out his mouth. Harry looked behind him and saw Ron and Hermione stood there with sad faces.

"Everyone will remember you Professor",Harry smiled and then left with Old Memory's.    

Harry ran to the top of the stairs and poured the tears into the table with water in it. Then he out his head into the water. He saw Dumbledore and Snape.

"It is you own option if you want to protect Lily Potter",Said Dumbledore. They were inside Dumbledore's office. Snape walked towards a window and then he spoke.

"It's to late now she's with James". Snape knew about Harry being born already.

"Then it is your duty to protect their son Harry Potter, he will come to Hogwarts like they both did",Dumbledore said calmly.

Harry pulled his head out and realized what has been happening all this time. He left Dumbledore's office where he saw the truth.    


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