Battle For Hogwarts

A boy named Marcus and his best friend George are in their Seventh year at Hogwarts the same as the famous Harry Potter. Marcus was in Ravenclaw and so was George. But the year turns out into a battle involving Lord Voldemort. They must help and stop him reaching Harry...


3. More Death Eaters

Marcus and George have both heard that Harry Potter has battled Draco and Blaze to get the Diadem and that Goyle had died in his own fire spell. Marcus stopped Harry outside the Great Hall and asked they needed help to defend the bridge that is connected to the outside of the Great Hall through the door which was now in pieces. Ron and Hermione were at the Chamber Of Secrets, and Harry was vanished without saying where he was going. Marcus ran up stairs to look for a view over the whole castle and he ended up on the seventh floor with George. Around the corner they saw Harry again and two Death Eaters appear in front of him then Percy and Fred appear and start dueling the Death Eaters. Harry must of thought more were coming because he ran down a corridor and entered through a door, George went after him and went through the door but Harry was gone. One of the walls from the outside was blown leaving Fred falling back and killed in the explosion. Percy grabbed Fred and pushed Marcus off his feet and out the way. From the explosion there was no path for Marcus to get to George. George went back and looked across at Marcus."Stay there", Shouted Marcus. A girl came out of nowhere and shouted.

"NO, KEEP GOING THERE HERE", She stopped and turned around a Death Eater had appeared and grabbed the girl and he apparated out the castle with black dust flying around. George called for his broom and it appeared under the floor they were on. George jumped down through the hole in the floor which was a massive hole and George landed on his broom. Next to him another broom flew by and Marcus jumped onto it. They both flew down the corridor of Floor 6 and blew the end door open. They flew out and were on the grand staircase leaving behind the destruction. They jumped off the brooms at the Great Hall and saw Ron and Hermione running into the Great Hall. They both followed and opened the doors. Marcus pointed out Harry at the end of the Hall. That made Ron worry because when he saw Harry he realized Harry was standing next to someone dead, and it looked like Fred. Ron started getting tears down his face and he ran towards them. Ron sat down next to Fred crying and Hermione hugging him whilst the whole weasley family crying. George overheard Harry saying that Ginny was mad and fighting off Death Eaters outside. Marcus running outside to help out. 

"No, George stay here just let me go", Said Marcus. The boys were separated for once. Ginny was in cover with a Hufflepuff girl.

"Quick we will need your help", Ginny called out. The Death Eaters were flying across the bridge and started to shoot spells at them. They landed and shot the girl back, Ginny got up and blocked their attacks whilst the girl was getting up.

"Expulso", Shouted Marcus, as he got closer to them and then used Protego to hit the Death Eaters back. Marcus was doing great with the dueling and Ginny was strong but the girl needed more help she laid out i pain and sat on the stairs. The last round of Death Eaters attack was now and they had more Death Eaters and very more stronger. Moments later they stopped coming at Marcus and Ginny. "Wow we did it", Laughed Marcus. Ginny was pleased with the help from Marcus and hugged him then she walked away to the Great Hall.

"Oh no look",Ginny said worriedly. They were shooting fire balls or something at all three of them, and they were heading to the hall. Ginny entered the hall, Marcus went to follow but the girl stopped him and asked for help, they both went down to the dungeon corridor where it was quiet and no Death Eaters. Harry, Ron and Hermione were finishing the rest of the Death Eaters off at the top of the castle, and now on their way to the Boat House, they will make it this time. George was helping out other students whilst Ginny was standing near the door of the Great Hall looking for everyone, then she saw Bellatrix cast a killing curse at her, Ginny blocked with her arms and then Molly came and used Protego to block it. Amazingly it worked. 

"Don't touch my family ever again", Molly Screamed at Bellatrix. Bellatrix apparated and appeared behind Molly whilst casting stupefy. Molly used Protego then quickly kept casting Expulso at Bellatrix. Then Bellatrix fell off her feet and apparated again and kept doing it after she got hit. At last Bellatrix was on one of the tables and Molly kept casting different spells at once. Bellatrix kept using Protego and Molly broke her shield then finally finished her, Bellatrix fell back and split into pieces like a broken statue and vanished. Ginny ran up to her mum and hugged Molly.

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