Battle For Hogwarts

A boy named Marcus and his best friend George are in their Seventh year at Hogwarts the same as the famous Harry Potter. Marcus was in Ravenclaw and so was George. But the year turns out into a battle involving Lord Voldemort. They must help and stop him reaching Harry...


2. Defend The Courtyard

At the Courtyard some student's gathered around and suggested a plan. Some watched the sky for incoming Death Eaters attacking from above, all together there were 7 Ravenclaw students and only 3 Griffindor students. Ten students to work together and defend their school. Everybody watching every door and the sky waiting to start the battle. Marcus and George were each one of the seven Ravenclaws. All ten students watched the sky as the protego charm shielded the school. Now it begun. Many men flew past them on the outside of the shield. "Lord Voldemort they seem to have a shield, little beggers", Shouted a Death Eater. Another Death Eater started shooting at the shield and casting Confringo at it trying to destroy it. Marcus looked up and saw that some cast were getting through the shield and parts of Hogwart were falling to the ground nearby Marcus and George, a female Griffindor Prefect grabbed George out the way and just inches away from being squat.

"This will give us cover", Shouted the Griffindor Prefect. Everyone duct behind the rocks and took it as cover. There was a loud bang coming from one door and everybody turned direct at it. The door blew down and part of the wall aswell. Ravenclaw Tower was attacked and falling towards them from the explosion from the blown door.

"Confringo",Shouted Marcus as the spell shot straight at all four Death Eaters, they all fell and vanished. Half of the Courtyard was covered in building bricks and some furniture from Ravenclaw Tower.

"We have lost the Courtyard, everyone to the Great Hall", Shouted the Griffindor Prefect. They all left and ran half the length of the castle to get safe.

McGonagall was waiting outside the Great Hall. She didn't seem happy to see them here when the battle has just begun. She was waiting for them all to get inside the Hall then she shut the doors with her wand dragging it close.

"What are you doing here",She Argued with them.

"We lost the Courtyard there's no room to stand and fight, the castle is falling even quicker",Explained Marcus. Then loud footsteps came from the stairs it was the Griffindor Prefect and she looked like she had bad news.

"Miss they have giant trolls, coming across right now, only the Courtyard outside the Great Hall stands between us", She quickly spoke in a terrifying voice.

"Leave it to me", Said McGonagall, and then she left. She walked outside and across the bridge looking for giant trolls. There was a massive bang and McGonagall fell to her feet. Then she stood up and called "Piertotum Locomotor". Every knight statue moved and walked on each side of McGonagall as they all walked to the end of the bridge. Out of nowhere a giant came climbing up the bridge and McGonagall looked at it quickly and casts Impedimenta, the purple flying little bullets came out then end of the wand and hit the giants chest, it fell back off the bridge and far far down it crashed to its end. McGonagall was fighting the last giant and knocked it off its feet and flying off the bridge. "No one shall enter Hogwarts", She screamed out loud to the Death Eaters. 

Marcus was rubbing his head and knocking his dark brown hair over his eyes.

"I wonder if she is ok",He asked. George was sure she will be and told Marcus that to make him feel safe. Moments later McGonagall entered and smiled. She walked up to the boys and patted them on the back. The doors to The Entrance To The Great Hall were half blown off and all three of them turned around. The door was coming down and they ran into the Hall.                   

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