Battle For Hogwarts

A boy named Marcus and his best friend George are in their Seventh year at Hogwarts the same as the famous Harry Potter. Marcus was in Ravenclaw and so was George. But the year turns out into a battle involving Lord Voldemort. They must help and stop him reaching Harry...


6. 19 Years Later

The end of  Voldemort was great but when Marcus George and Heather were at Platform 9 3/4 watching Harry Potter and his friends with their kids it was very unexpected. Marcus has two sons and Heather in his family but George had died not long ago. It was still a mystery now, he had died in April and it was two years from now since it had happened. They all saw Voldemort in a portal and only they were staring at him. Harry was nowhere near the portal and didn't notice that Voldemort was seen. Marcus told almost everyone but most didn't believe him because they all saw Harry kill him. Marcus and Heather waved their children goodbye from the Hogwarts Express and when the train had left they entered the portal. Voldemort wasn't even in their half the time and they were seeing George everywhere.

"This is Hogwarts, near the Wooden Bridge", said Marcus. He turned and the portal didn't close, Heather pointed at a man that Looked like George. As they got closer Marcus tapped the man and stood back waiting for him to turn around. Instead the cloak the man was wearing fell to the ground and no man there to be seen. "This is a illusion, isn't it". Marcus walked towards Hogwarts and Heather looking around. Voldemort appeared in front but with black hair. Marcus was scared and grabbed Heather.

"It seems un real doesn't it",Voldemort told them."I can make things happen, like give me hair". Marcus took a step back.

"We thought you died, and why aren't you evil". Heather asked. "we all saw it happen". "Where are we, tell us". She hopped for an answer.

"Your in the past, before i died",Voldemort said. Marcus knew George was here and why they were. To rescue him before he died. Now they know the real truth of how he died. George was handed over to them straight away.

"Wow hi". He said. "I guess I'm alive now, and i can come back with you". Voldemort smiled and rushed them on to leaving. Voldemort was a nice person somehow in this portal.

Marcus turned around and the portal vanished away just after George and Heather stepped back through. The train station was empty and nobody in sight. George was older aswell as soon as he took a step back into the magical word." was that like magic heaven or something", George asked.

"I don't know why are you asking me, you are the one who was stuck in their for nineteen years". Marcus laughed. "all this time you were watching over us". They walked to the other side of the station and looked for the magical wall.

"I also saw George in there, you know George Weasley, but he vanished before i could start a conversation". George said. "it's strange George and George". They walked closer to the wall, and carried on talking.

"Well what now", Heather finally spoke. "people will get a shock to see you George, it will be in the Daily Profit".

"I guess we carry on what we always dreamed of, lets go". Marcus said as they stepped back through to London.

                                                                                                 The End 

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