Stole my heart [MAJOR EDITING]

Emily Black, 17, a typical teenager dreaming about being a model, decides to travel to New York. While she is on board, she meets Harry Styles, a 1/5 of the worldwide known pop band One Direction. They have 15 days until the end of the trip... What happens during those 15 days? Will it be like any other normal love story? Will they fall in love with each other? Will Niall's feelings for Emily change anything? And what will to them happen when the trip is over?
(This is the first book of the "Stole my Heart series"; I'm planning on writing three more sequels. All the plots are planned. This book is currently under MAJOR EDITING and some chapters will be deleted to be re-posted later in a better version).



Hello guys!!!! so I have a lot of important news:

-This story is under MAJOR EDITING

-I deleted all the chapters, but I will re-post them after I'm done editing

-STUPID ME... I accidentally sat on my tab and broke it into two halves, and all the 15 chapters that I haven't posted yet have evaporated D:


Sooo if u want to kill me... plz excuse me cz i'm gonna hide under a rock in the basement... O.O

Sorry guys, this story is being edited sooo i might not post anything until spring break, cz i'm gonna go HIBERNATE until new year, then i have school... anywooo the other story is ON  HOLD, but I'm writing a new ONE SHOT!!!

It's a Larry Stylinson AU, it's a sad one, the idea just popped in my head..

soo yeah I'm taking my laptop, and i'm going to hide in the basement FOREVER!!



Stay Beautiful and eat Potatoes!!! 


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