Its set just before the years of Camelots Golden Age- in between Series 3 and 4. Young Druid girl Lírio arrives in Camelot as Guias's apprentice soon after her arrival she meets the warlock Merlin..........


5. Over Soup

"I don't trust her Gaius." Merlin said quietly over his soup, Lírio was busy 'alphabetizing and color coding' the various mixtures that Gaius had on his shelves.

"Why ever not?" Gaius sounded surprised

"Well something weird happened this morning when we were talking Arthur his medicine, she caught her sleeve on a clothes basket and jerked her arm down really quickly-"

"Maybe she was hurt" butted in Gaius 

"You see that's what i thought but when I tried to pull her sleeve up she got really angry- almost frightened."

"That is weird but we can't jump to conclusions"

"I guess so"

"She hasn't done anything out of the ordinary."

Merlin raised his eye browse "You mean shouting when someone pulls up her sleeve is normal?" 

"Merlin" Gaius dropped to a whisper so Merlin had to lean forward to hear him "She's the most amazing physician I've ever seen, in fact" he pondered "In a couple of days she might be better than me"

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