Its set just before the years of Camelots Golden Age- in between Series 3 and 4. Young Druid girl Lírio arrives in Camelot as Guias's apprentice soon after her arrival she meets the warlock Merlin..........


9. Meeting

Lírio relaxed when she heard this and promptly knocked over the remedy she was making it hit the floor with a hiss, there was a flash and a puff of green smoke which cleared immediately with now trace of the potion.

"Lrio!" said Gaius trying to scoop the remains into another jar  " You're going to have work really hard- this was meant to be ready for today- another person is feeling a bit ill"

Lírio looked a bit nervous saying " Ummm I've already made the one for today amongst another  twenty as there were more orders for them earlier on today while you were out picking herbs." eyeing Gaius's basket.

" Well since you've done that you and Merlin can take this to the villagers who requested it" 

Merlin and Lírio groaned and gathered the small corked bottles into Lírios bag and set off. They hadn't got far when they bumped into Gwen

" Hi Merlin!" she said brightly " Who's this" noticing Lírio "I'm Guinevere but my friends just call me Gwen"


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