Its set just before the years of Camelots Golden Age- in between Series 3 and 4. Young Druid girl Lírio arrives in Camelot as Guias's apprentice soon after her arrival she meets the warlock Merlin..........


3. In the corridor

Lírio dumped her bags on the floor and groaned she had to share a room with Merlin. 'This' as Merlin put it 'wasn't a great setup but it was better than sleeping in the same room as Gaius' apparently he snored. Merlin poped his head round the doorway and frowned "There really isn't that much space here is there?!"

"What an intelligent observation Merlin I'd have never noticed if you hadn't mentioned it" Lírio said

Merlin laughed and said "Gaius wants you, he says you have to start straight away." 

As Lírio entered the main room she saw Gaius sitting at his workbench mixing together various herb for basic coughs and colds, he poured some into a bottle, corked it and handed it to Lírio "Take this to Arthur he's got a bit of a cold and this is a simple remedy for it."

Lírio took the bottle and shut the door behind her. She stepped into a hallway and then realized that she didn't have a clue where she was going. She walked back in to Gaius and said that she didn't know where she was going. Merlin who was in the room at the offered to take her. "Beside I can introduce her to Arthur at the same time."      

As they were walking  along a corridor Lírio's sleeve caught on a passing servants basket of clothes and her sleeve was pulled up to her elbow, she jerked it down quickly but Merlin noticed.

"Whats wrong, are you hurt?" he asked

"No, no its fine." she answered

"No come here let me see." he said grabbing her arm and pulling up her sleeve...

"No really its fine" she said angrily pulling her arm out of his grasp "Now do you want this delivered or not?"   


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