Its set just before the years of Camelots Golden Age- in between Series 3 and 4. Young Druid girl Lírio arrives in Camelot as Guias's apprentice soon after her arrival she meets the warlock Merlin..........


2. Gaius

Gaius was busy on his work bench when the door opened and Merlin walked in.

"Merlin!" Gaius smiled "Your just in time I wanted you to take this to Arthur for his..." Gaius trailed off as Lírio walked in her pale green eyes talking in the rows of medicine bottles on the shelves.

"Who are you?" Gaius asked politely. 

" Lírio" she replied "Your apprentice." she added at his blank look.

"Ahhh yes" he stopped "You were meant to come on Wednesday."

"It is Wednesday."

"Ah well then lets get you straight to work then" Gaius said rubbing his hands together " Any questions?"

"Um yeah" Merlin asked "We've only got two rooms- where Lírio going to sleep??" 

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