Its set just before the years of Camelots Golden Age- in between Series 3 and 4. Young Druid girl Lírio arrives in Camelot as Guias's apprentice soon after her arrival she meets the warlock Merlin..........


1. Arriving


As she walked, the morning dew from the grass soaked into her rough leather boots wetting her feet with the icy cold water. She shivered and looked around at her surroundings; tall dark trees with thin lower branches just waiting to hit her in the face. It wasn't like her homeland, she thought, her homeland forests were not like these, they were always bright and welcoming unlike the wretched thing she was walking through. She pulled the last branch aside (making sure it didn't hit her in the face) saw her destination. The early morning sun hit it with rays of red and gold- Camelot. Once insight of it she quickened her pace, the; King Uther Pendragon was growing suspicious in his old age, she thought bitterly , if he didn't hear that he was going to be assassinated by a sorcerer at least twice a week he would suspect something.

Chapter 1

She walked with her bag of belongings through the front gate and into the hustle and bustle of the awakening market. She crossed quickly and walked up the marble steps to the door of the palace and towards a guard “Excuse me” she said timidly “Where does Gaius the court physician live?” The guard gave her the directions and she started up the steps towards the door. She had barely taken five steps inside when a maid rushed up to her carrying  a pile with a lot of clothes in it “Here you go!” the maid gasped breathlessly (the pile  was obviously heavy) dumped the ungainly mass into her arms and rushed away. The girl blinked, and then gasped as the full weight of the pile hit her, she staggered and looked around; there where two ways to go, up a flight of stairs or through an arch way. The archway looked the easiest but the guards directions had told her to go up the stairs. She sighed and started up the stairs. She came out on to a corridor overlooking the court yard of the palace but because the clothes pile was so high she couldn't see where she was going and walked into someone. “Oof!” the clothes tumbled to the ground. “Sorry, sorry” she said scrambling to collect the clothes not looking up “I didn't see you coming”

“Here let me help you with that”, a kind voice said “I wasn't looking where I was going”

The girl looked up into the face of a young man with dark hair and with kind, bright blue eyes.

“Umm... thanks” she said quietly as he passed her the lasted of the clothes

“So what are you doing here then” he asked his eyes looking at her properly “You’re new to the castle aren't you?” he looked at her then grinned “Are you meant to have those clothes with you?”

“No… sorry I don’t have a clue who there for or where they’re going, I just came in and a maid came up to me and thrust them into my arms- do you know who they’re for?”

“Oh yeah they’re the lady Morgana’s, she be wondering where they are.” He grinned at her again “I’ll bring them round later. I’m Merlin by the way.”

“I’m Lírio.” She stopped “So your Merlin right”

“Um… yeah.”

“So you’ll know Gaius right.”

“Yeah I can take you to him. Is that why you’re here?”

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