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Christine Payne is one of the cousins of Liam.She hangs out with Harry,Zayn,Louis and Niall.What if someone falls in love for her? Or what if all of them? Perrie and Eleanor will do something if Christine has a relationship with Louis or Zayn.A lot of fun happens but if something bad happens the fun's gone.


22. Truth or Dare

Christine's POV

I was in my room looking at some pictures we took in the beach.There was a picture where they were all carrying me and Niall was so red,I don't even know why! "Who wants to play truth or dare?" Louis shouted outside,I quickly went out "Me!" I shouted.Louis stood there and looked at me up to down,I forgot I was still wearing my bikini "Oh,I did'nt know" I said a little embarassed.Louis putted his arm on my shoulder "It's alright love" Louis said while smiling really big "You smell bad!Take a shower!" Louis yelled "Ok,ok just call me if you're all ready" I said and went up again.

I showered then wore my pajamas even if it's still 6:00.I walked out to see if the boys are ready.They were not in downstairs so I think they're in their rooms.I want to hav a conversation with Niall so I knocked on his door.

Niall's POV

"Come in" I shouted,I looked up from my phone and saw Christine "Christine" I said "I just want to have a little talk with you" She said "Yeah yeah" I said.She lied on the bed beside me,the both of us were facing the ceiling "Soooo,do you have a girl of your dreams?" Christine asked without looking,shw does'nt know I like her so I kept silent "None?" She said "Actually,I have but I don't think I can get her" I said "Why not?Fight for her Niall" Christine said  "It's hard" I said "Why,tell me" Christine said.I face her and she faced me,our faces were inches apart "Um I have to go now" Christine said while standing up "Ok" I said "Will you join later?" Christine asked "Will you join?" I said "Yes!" Christine yelled "Okay see ya!" I yelled back.

Christine's POV

That girl Niall was talking about could'nt me,If it was me that's a really big problem.I went down and started watching television,they were still not there so I slept in the couch.

Louis's POV

I saw Christine sleeping on the couch,she was so cute but I want to prank her!I called the boys silently not to wake her up "Prank time!" I said "Any suggestions??" I asked "Oh oh ice cold watah!!" Zayn said loudly "Shhhh!You're waking her up!" I said.The boys and I to the kitchen and prepared the materials.When we were ready,we went back to Christine "1,2,3!" I counted.We poured the cold water right into her face "F@$#!" Christine shouted.

Christine's POV

All of the boys started laughing really hard "Who's plan?" I said,Zayn,Niall,Liam and Harry all pointed at Louis "No but it was Zayn's idea to put coldwater in your face" Louis said defensively.I hopped in the back of Louis for revenge then he fell down "You're heavy!Get off!" Louis shouted.I was lying at the back of him "Fine!you look really defeated" I said,Louis rolled his eye's."Zayn can I hug you?" I said "Yes!" Zayn said,he approached me then I destroyed his quiff "Ah it's fine" Zayn said "I'll get back to you!" I said then Zayn stuch his tongue out at me and it was really annoying.

"Ok let's play!" Louis shouted,we formed a circle."I want to sit with Christine!" Louis said "No" Zayn said "Not either one of you,I want to sit beside Nialler and Liam!" I said "Yeah!" Niall and Liam said.They rolled the bottle then it pointed at Liam "Truth or dare" Louis asked "Truth" Liam said "Will you marry Danielle someday?" Louis asked "It depends,if we both keep faith in each other we will but if not it's not but Oh how I wish" Liam said "That was me"Louis continued"That's corny" I said "No!none of our songs are corny!" Louis said "Ok ok" I said.

Liam spinned the bottle then it pointed to me "Truth or dare?" Liam said "Dare" I said "Ok,kiss all of the boys and not just a peck on the lips" Liam said. "Even you?" I asked weirdly "Yes of course" Liam said "Oh and while kissing you should be dancing like in a prom" Liam said and started laughing a bit "That's so corny!" I said . "How many seconds?" I asked "Up too you" Liam said.

I kissed Liam but it did'nt even last for 2 seconds "Hey" Liam said "You said it's up to me" I said "Ok,it's up to them" Liam said.Next is Harry,we stood up and started dancing.My arm was in his head while his arm was in my waist.I tiptoed then kissed him,it lastes about 5 seconds.

Next is Zayn,"Wait can I just kiss her?" Zayn said "Uh okay" Liam said.My arm was in his head,I tiptoed again and kissed him,it lasted about 7 seconds.

Next is Niall and I can see that he's blushing again.We danced then I kissed him,It was longer.

Last is Louis "It's my turn!" Louis shouted,I rolled my eyes at him.It's just like the position like Harry,I kissed him.I was getting away but he still kissed me,it was the longest "That's enough Lou" Harry said.He still did'nt so I bit his bottom lip "Ouch" Louis said while separating.I looked at Harry and he was looking jealous but then he looked away "It's your fault" I said "You made it bleed" Louis "I'm gonna get tissue" I said while getting up.Louis stopped me by holding my hand "You could just kiss it" Louis "Stop Lou" Harry said and he looks serious.I got tissue and gave it to Louis "Thanks" he said.

I spinned the bottle and it landed on Niall "Truth or Dare?" I said "Truth" Niall said "Who is the girl you are talking about when we were in your room?" I asked.He looked nervous "She' old friend" Niall said,he looks like lying.

Niall spinned the bottle then it landed on Harry "Truth or Dare" Niall said "Truth" Harry said "Why are you mad?" Niall asked "No I'm not mad,I just need some rest" Harry said,he looks lying "Oooooooook" Niall said

(More truth or dare's)

"Truth or Dare?" Zayn asked "Truth" I said "Do you like someone?" Zayn asked "I think so" I said "Who?" Zayn asked "You just asked if I like someone" I said "Ok ok,but is it one of us?" Zayn asked "I think so" I said and looked down and started to blush,I don't even know who I like but I know I like someone.

(More Truth or dare's)

"Truth or Dare?" Liam asked "Dare" I said "Go out with the boys,one each day" Liam said and he gave thumbs up to the boys "Ok,who's first" I said and looked at the other boys "Anthing u want" Zayn said "Ok first is Zayn then Harry then Louis then Niall" I said "Yehey" The boys said.I think it will be fun with them.


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