Fun's gone

Christine Payne is one of the cousins of Liam.She hangs out with Harry,Zayn,Louis and Niall.What if someone falls in love for her? Or what if all of them? Perrie and Eleanor will do something if Christine has a relationship with Louis or Zayn.A lot of fun happens but if something bad happens the fun's gone.


12. The plan

Alexis's POV

We decided to swim,I went up to change into my bikini.It was a two piece black swimsuit,I bought it in forever 21.It was really expensive so I know I'll be the sexiest of all the girls.If Christine wears this I know she will look like shit.I wore my sunglasses and hat before going downstairs.I was getting a little bored with Harry,I want another one.I saw Niall whilw going down and he was shirtless"Hey Niall" I said "Hey" Niall said.I went in front of him and moved my body and face closer to him,I just want him right now "What are you doing???" Niall asked "What the hell you think I'm doing?I'm kissing you!" I said "You have a boyfriend,what happened to you!" Niall said.I rolled my eyes and walked away from him,any guy wants me,but why not him???I went out and everybody was there except Louis and Niall,I saw Christine and she was wearing black too "Copycat!" I shouted.She just rolled her eyes,what a slut!I went to Harry and started kissing him,I always make the move and not him,that's why he's so boring!I saw Louis and he was hotter,I wanna make a move,maybe Christine likes him, but I will get him first!

Christine's POV

Alexis went closer to Louis "Hey Louis" Alexis said,her accent was so fake! "Hey Christine!" Louis said to me.I laughed a little bit because I saw Alexis's face and she was embarassed "Why are you laughing?" Louis asked "Nothing!" I said "Wanna swim?" Louis asked excitedly "Maybe later" I said "Ahhhh,Ok" Louis said and jumped into the pool.

All of them were swimming except me and Zayn "Why don't you swim?" I asked Zayn "Forgot how too" Zayn said,I looked at him "I teached you!" I said.Zayn laughed "I forgot how too" Zayn said "What???" I said "Can you teach me again?" Zayn said "Yeah later" I said "Anyway,where's Perrie?" I asked Zayn and I remebered yesterday when she was talking with someone and I heard it all. "Christine?" Zayn said "Yeah" I said even if I don't know what was he talking about "What did I say?" Zayn asked "Ummmm You said that..." I said "You don't know so you were not listening to me!" Zayn said "Ok ok,what did you say again?" I asked him "Perrie said she has work to do" Zayn said "Is that even really work" I said "What??" Zayn said "Ahhh nothing,I'll check them out" I said.I don't know when will I tell him,what if I tell him and Perrie does something to me. I was standing in the edge of the pool watching them,I noticed Niall was'nt there.Someone pushed me and I screamed and fell into the pool.I went up the water,I saw Niall laughing really hard and the other guys too. "Niall!"I shouted,I came up and started chasing him "You can't get me!You can't get me!" Niall shouted "Oh I will!" I said.Niall jumped into the pool and I followed him.I landed on him and I think I scratched him with my nails on his forehead "Ouch!" Niall shouted "Oh my gosh sorry!" I said. "It's okay" Niall said.I helped him get out of the pool.

Niall's POV

Christine helped me get out of the pool and I sitted on the chair "I'll get the first aid kit" Christine said "No,I want the second aid kit!" I said "Ha ha ha" Christine fake laughed "Seriously,you don't need it,It's just a scratch" I said "No!Your fans will get mad at me!" Christine joked and I laughed.She came back and started treating the scratch.I just stared at her,she was so beautiful "What???" Christine said "What?" I said "Uh???" Christine said "Uh?" I said "Uh!okay stop!" Christine said and I laughed,I like it when she gets irritated,she looks so cute!I looked at the boys then I saw Louis,Harry and Zayn were looking at us. "Done!" Christine said.Perrie walked in,Christine became silent and she looked a little pale.

Christine's POV

Perrie was looking at me all the time,it was making me nervous! "We'll go in!" The boys said together with Alexis. Perrie and I was the only one left "Christine,can I ask you something?" Perrie said "Yeah" I said "Did you hear me when I was talking in the phone?" Perrie asked "N-no" I said,It was obvious that I know it.Perrie went in the pool with me "Sorry for asking you so many questions lately" Perries said "It's fine" I said "Sorry for doing this but I have too or else my life will be ruined" Perrie said "Wha-" before I could finish.Perrie held my head and put it in the water,I was escaping but she was too strong "Christine!" someone said then everything went black.

Zayn's POV

I went out to go for a swim again.I was shocked when I saw Christine escaping from Perrie,Christine stopped moving.I ran to them and jumped in the pool to get Christine.I laid her down on the floor,I know how to do CPR so I did. "Zayn!What are you doing???" Perrie yelled,The other boys walked out "What happened??" Niall shouted.I ignored them,All I have to do now is too save Christine.She started coughing out water and opened her eyes "Zayn,Perrie is cheating on you that's why she drowned me so I can't tell you about this" Christine said "How did you know about this?" I asked Christine "I heard her talking to her phone,she said that you don't even know that she does'nt love you" Christine said .I don't know if it's true but then when I looked around,Perrie was gone.Tears started to fall from my eyes.Louis went to me then hugged me "I know how It feels" Louis whispered.I looked at Christine and she joined in "Thank you Christine" I said "For what?" Christine said "For letting me know" I said and she smiled.Niall,Harry,Liam and Alexis joined in and it was now a group hug.I'm so happy I have these guys for me whenever I need them.







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