Fun's gone

Christine Payne is one of the cousins of Liam.She hangs out with Harry,Zayn,Louis and Niall.What if someone falls in love for her? Or what if all of them? Perrie and Eleanor will do something if Christine has a relationship with Louis or Zayn.A lot of fun happens but if something bad happens the fun's gone.


13. Telling the truth

Perrie's POV

My career was ruined!It was all Christine's fault!There was a news about me and Zayn's broke up,some said I cheated on him and the others said it was because of Chrsitine.I broke up with my boyfriend  a few minutes ago,I think I still love Zayn.Why would I even cheat on him???I knew I still love him but happened to me.I could never get Zayn back!I just cried and another plan was on my mind for Christine.It's all her fault!

I called Eleanor to team up with her "Hello" she said "Do you still love Louis?" I asked her "I think so" Eleanor said "Where's your boyfriend?" I asked "I broke up with him a few days ago" Eleanor said and I heard her sniff like she's crying "Come here at my house,we need to talk about something" I said.

Christine's POV

I was in my room listening to What makes you beautiful "Baby you light up ma world like nobody else..." I said singing "Christine" Someone said.I put down my earphones and turned around,It was Alexis "What are you doing here?" I asked "I-I just want to say sorry for being an ass" Alexis said.She was so pretty when she does'nt have make up "Are you apologizing?" I said "Yep" she said "Ok" I said,I was not that sure.She lifted her head and smiled,I was about to go back to listening music but she hugged me. "Thank you!" She said "Hahaha you're so funny!" I said "Friends?" She said "Friends!" I said and hugged each other again.

We started talking about our past life "Do like Harry?" I asked her,she looked down and smiled.I was guilty because I like Harry "You like him uh?" I said "No" Alexis said "What???" I said "I think I love him" Alexis said and she blushed "You're so pretty!" I said "Without make up?" She asked "I like you more without it" I said.She was so pretty,I wish I was like her.I just have to move on with Harry,were friends now.There would be a lot of trouble when she will know that I have a crush on Harry. "See ya!" Alexis said "Bye!" I said,I laid down again feeling better than ever and slept for a few minutes


I stepped out of the room with my bunny slippers,I want to pee,I don't know why did'nt I go to the bathroom in my room,what an idiot! I was walking then someone covered my mouth and drag me in the room and locked the door.He  released his hand,when I looked up it was Harry "What the???" I said "Shhh" Harry said "What the hell you think you're doing???" I said "Why did Alexis went to your room?" Harry asked and I was still leaning on the wall with his hands on each side of my head in the wall "We're friends now,and she said she's inlove with you" I said "What??No!"

Harry said with his hands in his head,he sitted on the bed "Why?" I asked him and seated beside him "I don't love her or like her!I used her to make you jealous!" Harry said "What???" I said shocked "I know" He said.I slapped him "How could you!" I shouted,I stood up and started to walk away but Harry held my wrist and pushed me on the wall "Christine!I love you!" Harry shouted "You're hurting me" I said and Harry let go.I looked at my wrist and it was red "Christine sorry" Harry said with worry in his face,he went closer too me and started kissing my neck "Harry!" I yelled and pushed him.I went out,Harry was following me "Christine wait,I'm sorry" Harry said.I kept on walking towards my room then I locked the door.I don't know why,but I'm scared of what he did,I looked at my wrist and it became worse.

Harry's POV

I rested my head on Christine's door.I don't know why I did that to her,niw she's scared of me.I just love her but I don't know if she loves me.I went down and saw the boys "Did something happen?" Zayn asked "Nothing" I said.I saw Alexis,she was so beautiful if she's natural "Hey" Alexis said "Hey!" I said and kissed her on the cheek.I saw Christine going down,I saw the red mark on her wrist.Alexis and I sat on the couch,I'll need to tell Alexis now.She looked at me and looked down "Hey Christine!" Niall said "Hi" Christine said "Wait,what's that on your wrist????" Niall said standing up,Christine covered it "Nothing,It's just..." Christine said "Who did this too you?" Niall asked worriedly "Forget it" Christine said."Alexis can we talk?" I asked her "Sure" Alexis said excitedly.I don't know what I was doing,but I have too.

Alexis's POV

We were in the room of Harry "What?" I asked him "Can I have a kiss?" Harry said "That's all?" I said a bit laughing.Harry pressed his lips into mine,It was like our last kiss because it lasted so long. Harry sat on the couch,he looks so worried "Is something wrong?" I asked him "Alexis sit with me" Harry said so I sat with him.He looked at me with those green georgeous eyes,he took a deep breath "Alexis,I want to break up with you" Harry said.I stayed silent,I was frozen like it's the end of my life,I held my tears but I can't.I thought he will say he loves me but no! "C-christine?" I said with my tears running down my cheeks and he nodded.I slapped him "You used me Harry!I hate you!!!" I shouted.I stood up and started walking down,I saw Christine with worried eyes "Stop acting Christine,I know you like Harry!" I shouted "What???" Christine said "I'm not you're friend anymore and we will never be!" I shouted.I looked at Harry and he was crying "Why" I whispered.I walked out of the house,I just want to die but Christine first before me.




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