Fun's gone

Christine Payne is one of the cousins of Liam.She hangs out with Harry,Zayn,Louis and Niall.What if someone falls in love for her? Or what if all of them? Perrie and Eleanor will do something if Christine has a relationship with Louis or Zayn.A lot of fun happens but if something bad happens the fun's gone.


19. Smiles

Christine's POV

After 2 weeks 

"You should go back now" my mom said "Yeah" I said "Why did you even go here?" My mom asked "I missed you!" I said "No,there's another reason!" My mom said "Forget it,I'm going back tomorrow" I said.I'm not that kind of girl who opens up things with my mom,I love my mom but I just don't open up my problems.I started to pack up my things,I was thinking not seeing them first.So I'll just go back to my apartment,I changed my clothes and went to sleep.

Louis's POV

(Next day)

I was always texing her but she did'nt even reply once.The boys were still sleeping so I went out for a walk,It was 6:00 in the morning so there were only few people.I went to starbucks and bought coffee.I sat next to the window,there were no people except me but then someone came in.I did'nt mind him/her,I was just thinking about Christine.

Christine's POV

I went to starbuck and saw a guy sitting alone.I can't see his face because he's looking outside.I was thinking if I'll show myself to the boys.I was still sleepy so my eyes were puffy.I saw the guy looking at me but I can't see his face that clearly,I think I've seen him before.He stood up and was walking towards my direction.

Louis's POV

I looked at the girl,I was so shocked.It was Eleanor! "Louis!" Eleanor shouted,she stood up and walked over my table. "Should'nt you be in prison??!?" I shouted "No!It's not me,it was Perrie!" Eleanor shouted "Stop acting like a kid" I said "Louis I want you now!" Eleanor said "Why??where's your boyfriend??!??" I shouted "I don't have one that's why I'm coming back for you!" Eleanor said "Sorry El I love someone" I said "Who??!?Is it Christine?!??" Eleanor shouted,I stayed silent "Four boys wants her!What if you're not the one Christine likes??!!???!?" Eleanor shouted.I was irritated so I walked out "Louis!I still love you!" Eleanor said and she was crying,I stopped "I told you I love someone" I said without looking back.

Christine's POV

"Christine?" Someone said,I looked up and it was Justin! "What are you doing here??When did you came??" Justin asked while holding my hand.I let go of him "Why do you care??" I said "Too many problems uh???" Justin said "I told you,you should've picked me" Justin said "What??" I said "Oh nothing" Justin said.I stood up and walked out but Justin held my hand "What???" I said "Where will you go?" Justin asked "My apartment" I said "I'll give you a ride" Justin said "No thanks" I said "Does Niall know you're here?" Justin asked "Nope,but I'll tell them sooner" I said,Justin's face turned sad "I better get going" I said,he kissed my cheek and smiled "What was that???" I said "Goodbye kiss" Justin said and he smirked.I rolled my eyes and started to walk.

Louis's POV

I still don't want to go home,Eleanor really ruined my day.I checked my phone if I have any message.I bumped into someone and her things from her bag fell on the floor "Sorry" I said and I started to "OH MY GOSH!ARE YOU LOUIS FROM ONE DIRECTION?????" the girl shouted "GIRLS!!!!" The girl shouted then a group of girls started to scream and they were running towards me.I started to run super fast,I looked back and saw a girl in the other side of the street,she looks like Christine.I concentrated on running again,I hid beside the car and the girls were gone.I recalled the face I saw,she really looks like Christine or maybe it's really her.Oh how I wish!

I walked home safely without the screaming girls."Vas happenin!" Zayn shouted as I walked in "Where have you been?" Harry asked "I just went to starbucks nd saw Eleanor" I said "What??" Niall said "Yeah,I know" I said "Oh yeah,I was chased by a group of girls and I think I saw Christine" I said "What??Really,she's screaming???" Niall said "No!I saw her at the other side of the road,I don't know if it's really her" I said "I wish!!!" Zayn said "What would you guys do if Christine came back?" I asked them.All of them said nothing but I can see smiles on their faces

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