Fun's gone

Christine Payne is one of the cousins of Liam.She hangs out with Harry,Zayn,Louis and Niall.What if someone falls in love for her? Or what if all of them? Perrie and Eleanor will do something if Christine has a relationship with Louis or Zayn.A lot of fun happens but if something bad happens the fun's gone.


7. Remembering you

Zayn's POV

Perrie was calling me and I don't know if I'll answer it or not.I answered it "Babe let me be your girlfriend again,I was drunk when I broke up with you!I don't know what I was thinking" Perrie said "If you were drunk,why only now,we broke up 4 weeks ago and I was always calling you and texting you but you did'nt answer!let me think you want us to get back because you got tired of your other boyfriend." I said "No!I'm no that kind of girl Zayn,I'm here in the front of the house,look outside your window" Perrie said. I looked outside my window and I saw her "I still love you" Perrie said. I came down,I opened the door and she was there."Zayn!" Perrie said.She hugged me,but somethings wrong,I don't what is it,but somethings missing.I hugged her back "I missed you" I said "Sorry Zayn for everything" Perrie said "It's alright,I forgive you" I said and we kissed "You're back?" Niall asked "Yeah!" Perrie said "Congratulations!" Niall said,I smiled. "I'll just go to the bathroom" I said "Ok,be quick!" Perrie said.I went to the bathroom and locked the door,I was thinking about Christine,I still love her! I said to myself. I wiped the tears in my face so no one will notice but my eyes are red.

Perrie's POV

Zayn thought I was still in love with him.My boss said that I should come back to Zayn because it will ruin  my career so I did. A girl was coming down the stairs and she just woke up "Who are you?" I asked kindly "I'm Christine the cousin of Liam,you?" She said "You don't know me?" I asked irrirtated "Sorry" She said "I'm a member of a band called Little mix and I am the girlfriend of Zayn" I said 

Christine's POV

Zayn has a girlfriend??? So why did he kissed me? Was that nothing for him,what the hell! I went to the kitchen and Zayn came out of the bathroom "Your girlfriend is there" I said "Christine,we just got back together" Zayn said "I wish you did'nt kiss me" I said walking out of the kitchen.I went up and Zayn was behind me "Zayn leave me first" I said "I want to talk to you Christine" Zayn said "Not now" I said locking the door.I was not jelous but I don't like guys who kiss girls without a reason,like Zayn. I laid on my bed and slept again.

I woke up and went outside with my sweater on,it was really cold.I sat on the sand and looked at the Beach,it was silent,you can only hear the waves."Christine?" Someone said I turned around and saw Niall "Hey" I said "Why are here,you might get sick" Niall said.He sat beside me "Cause it's so peaceful here" I said "Is there a problem?" Niall asked "None" I said "Do you like Zayn?" Niall said without looking at me "I don't know,he has a girlfriend already" I said "So you have feelings for him?" Niall asked "I think so but I have feelings for you too and Harry that's why life is too hard for me" I said.I stood up "I'll go somewhere first" I said,I went down the road and there was starbucks.I went in and ordered,I sat in a two seater couch and started drinking my coffee.

Justin's POV

"I want to go to starbucks" I said to the driver,he parked and I wore my glasses and hat so none would recognize me.I went inside and ordered a coffee and I saw a girl sitting on the couch by herself and I saw tears started to fall from her eyes.I know her face but I can't remember,I know I met her in the club at the bar,but I've seen her last time.

Christine's POV

There were now tears in my eyes and I wiped it with a tissue. "Miss" A guy said,I looked up at him and he was wearing a pair of sunglasses and a cap.I looked at him for a while but I don't know who it is "May I sit?" He asked "Who are you?" I asked him "I'm justin bieber" He said.Nooo,why does he have to be here I want to be alone now,I can't forgive him for what he did tomme. "Yeah" I said,He was staring at me and I was looking at my coffee and My tears were there again. "Wait,I remember you!" Justin said,I can't take it anymore so I stood up and walked away.He knows me know,I kept running  and he was still following me.My head was aching and my arms and legs just collapsed after that everything turned black.

Justin's POV

She collapsed and her eyes closed.I carried her into the car "Let's go in my house,make it fast!" I said to the driver "Christine,wake up!". I carried her up in my room and laid her in my bed and brought a towel soaked in warm water and putted it on her head. I can't believe it,she became my girlfriend and she broke up with me because I was with another girl and I told her I just used her.I was an asshole back then,I hate myself for doing that. I was calling Harry to inform him that Christine is in my house "Justin,what's up?" Harry said "Christine is here in my house" I said "What did you do to her?" Harry asked "Chill man,she collapsed so I brought her in my house,she's sleeping now" I said "Ok,I'll go there" Harry said I put my phone down.I looked at Christine and she was so beautiful sleeping peacefully.

Harry's POV

I quickly dressed up and make my way to justin's house.I got there and rang the doorbell,Justin opened the door and he led me too his room where Christine is. I saw Christine laying down in the bed with a towel in the top of her head."What happened?" I asked Justin "I saw her in starbucks and then when I said I remembered he,she stood up and walked away.I followed her and she just collapsed" Justin said "But why did you use her back then?" I asked Justin a bit angry "I don't know what I did,I hate myself for doing that" Justin said. Christine started opening her eyes "Christine,are you ok" I asked her "Yeah,I just need some rest,can we go home now?" Christine said "Ok" I said "Thanks Justin" I said "Anytime" Justin said. "Can You carry me?" Christine said "Of course!" I said,she went on my back and she was really light.I put her in the back of the car so she can lie down.She was sleeping when we got there,I carried her and went up to her room.I laid her on the bed,I took of her shoes too make her comfortable.I wish there's nothing wrong with her.I kissed her on the forehead and turned of the lights before going out.




















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