Fun's gone

Christine Payne is one of the cousins of Liam.She hangs out with Harry,Zayn,Louis and Niall.What if someone falls in love for her? Or what if all of them? Perrie and Eleanor will do something if Christine has a relationship with Louis or Zayn.A lot of fun happens but if something bad happens the fun's gone.


6. Party rock

Christine's POV

We were on the couch watching t.v "Eleanor and Danielle will come here in a few minutes" Liam whispering "Ok but why are we whispering?" I asked Liam "Louis does'nt know about this" Liam said "Awwww,that's so sweet of you guys" I said.Someone was knocking the door and I know it's Danielle and Eleanor "I'll get it! Harry said.Louis was still on the couch,only paying attention to the t.v.Eleanor hid at the back of the couch so she can suprise him. "Hi danielle!" All of us greeted her and hugged her,I know her because when Liam brings Danielle in their house,I'm always there. "Where's Eleanor?" Louis asked "Sorry lou but she did'nt come,she has too many work" Danielle said. Louis sat back down on the couch and tears started falling from his eyes,Eleanor stood up and hugged Louis at the back "Guys,please don't hug me first" Louis said "You don't want me to hug you?" Eleanor said. Louis turned around,his tears became joy,They hugged each other and kissed. "Awwww" All of us said They are too cute! "Eleanor this is Christine,the cousin of Liam" Louis said " Hi!" Eleanor said,we shook hands and hugged each other. "We should celebrate!" Zayn said "What will we do?" I asked them "Partyy! At 9:00!" Niall said "Do u have clothes for the party?" Danielle asked "Not really" I said " Then let's go shopping!" Eleanor said

When we got there,in the outside you can see that the things here are so cute! "Guys,I'll go somewhere first" Eleanor said "Ok,just go back here if you're done" Danielle said. We went inside and I saw beautiful dresses.I started looking but I can't find anything,I'm not good at picking clothes.I saw Danielle and she was holding so many dresses "Wow,you have so many dresses" I said "This is not mine,it's yours" Danielle said "How about you?" I asked her "I have too many dresses" Danielle said "Ok!" I went to the fitting room to try the dresses.

Danielle's POV

Eleanor was acting weird lately,not that weird but I can feel that she is hiding something.When we were in the airport,she said she'll go somewhere but she did'nt tell me where.And now she's went somewhere again. "Danielle!" Christine said "Come out now" I said. Christine tried 12 dresses but It's not that good. She came out with the 15th dress,it was a short red dress and it was backless "That's perfect!" I said "Isn't this a little too short for me?" Christine said "No!It's really nice!" I said "Ok!" She said "I'll go change first" Christine said

Christine's POV

I went out and went to the cashier to pay the dress "Where's Eleanor?" I asked Danielle "I don't know" Danielle said "I'll look for her" I said. I went out,I looked at my left and it was only a bunch of people and when I looked at my right I saw a girl and a guy.The girl was wearing a cream top and that was what eleanor was wearing! I rubbed my eyes and they were gone because there were too many people.I walked inside thinking if that was Eleanor with another guy,maybe I was dreaming or something."Did you find her?" Danielle said "No" I said.I paid for the dress and when we went out,Eleanor was standing beside the door. "Hey!What did you buy?" Eleanor asked me "A red dress,You?" I said "Fruits!" Eleanor said and she showed me the fruits in the paperbag "Ok,Let's go?" Danielle said. When we got there it was 3:00,I want too sleep so I set my alarm to 7:00.

(Kring Kring kring)

I stood up and I was still sleepy but I know this night would be fun!.I went to the bathroom to take a bath.I wore the dress we bought and wore my black stilettos,I put my make up on and brought my black purse.I looked at the clock and It was 8:30 so I went outside.I saw Eleanor and Danielle and they are so beautiful "You look beautiful"!" Eleanor said "Not as georgeous as you two!" I said and they both laughed.We went inside the car to wait for them "So Christine,do you like any of the boys?" Eleanor asked "Ummm" I said "What?" Danielle said "Zayn and Niall already kissed me" I said "Oh my gosh!" Eleanor said "But who do you like?" Danielle asked but suddenly the boys opened the cardoor "Looking good girls!" Harry said. Louis was sitting beside Eleanor,Liam was sitting beside Danielle and I was sitting beside Niall and Harry. "You look beautiful" Harry whispered in my ear and his breath tickles my ear "Thank you handsome" I said whispering back.

We got there and when we went inside the music was playing loud and I can see some celebrities.I went to the bar and ordered a tequila,I don't really drink but if I'm in the mood I do.I looked around to find the boys but I can see them because there were too many people and my head started spin because of the drink. "Hey babe" Someone said,I looked at my other side and It was Justin Bieber.No one knew that Justin became my boyfriend except my mom.I broke up with him because I spotted him with another girl and he said that he does'nt care because he just used me.I was about to cry but I held it in.

Harry's POV

I was finding Christine and I spotted him with a guy and I was jelous.I looked at the guy and it was Justin,I approached them "Justin!" I said "Harry!" Justin said we hugged each other and Christine stood up walking away.I followed her and she was running away from me but I held her hand and we went in the boy's bathroom.No one was there then I locked the door."Christine,why are you crying?" I said confused.I got a tissue and wiped her tears "Justin became my boyfriend but no one knows except my mom,I broke up with him because I found him with another girl and he said that he just used me" Christine said and she started crying again.I hugged her tightly and she stopped crying,she let go of me and she started looking at me.Her make up was ruined,I held her face and started kissing her,her hand was ruining my hair.I know that this will be her most unforgettable kiss.











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