Fun's gone

Christine Payne is one of the cousins of Liam.She hangs out with Harry,Zayn,Louis and Niall.What if someone falls in love for her? Or what if all of them? Perrie and Eleanor will do something if Christine has a relationship with Louis or Zayn.A lot of fun happens but if something bad happens the fun's gone.


5. Paintball

Christine's POV 

I just can't forget about the kiss underwater with Zayn.It was just amazing,but I don't know if I have feelings for him,I think I don't have. But..... That kiss! I walked out of the room and went down,the boys were not there except Niall "Where's everybody?" I asked Niall,he started to blush.I don't know why all the boys are blushing when they see me,except liam.Do they like me or just I'm beautiful because they blush but they don't like me,uhhh... I wish not all of them,but they're all cute!"They went somewhere,I think they bought food" Niall said "Ok,will we go somewhere?" I said "Oh yeah,I forgot to tell you about that,We'll go play paintball!" Niall said with excitement "What is paintball?" I said confused "What?You don't know paintball,It's supper fun,You have a gun and some balls inside with paint and shoot your opponents!" "Ohhhh..That's fun, I'm excited!" I said "Can I be your teammate? Pweaaasee" Niall said "Yeah of course!" "Yeah!" Niall said " We stared for awhile and his eyes were so amazing,it was awkward so I broke the ice "Niall,I'll tell you something but It' s only between us too" I said "Ok!!" Niall said

Niall's POV

Christine was telling me a secret and I was excited about it because no one knows it,only us.She sat beside me and put her head on my shoulder "We swam yesterday,Right" Christine said "Yeah,did something happen?" I asked her "Yeah,When the four of you went inside and zayn and I was only the ones outside,He...." Christine said "He????" I said,I was thinking about them kissing and I felt so down but I think that won't happen "He said he liked me and we kissed" Christine said I just felt pain,I thought I could be her boyfriend but I always lose.I went up before the tears will fall down,I went to the bathroom and locked it.I just cried there because I was afraid that she will be Zayn's girlfriend,I can't take that,I will always see the girl I love with someone. Christine was knocking the door,she knew I was crying "Niall open the door,let me talk to you,I'm not finished yet!" Christine said,she kept banging the door so I just opened it.She went inside and locked the door again,she sat beside me on the floor "Niall,I don't even know if I like him,But the kiss,It felt great" Christine said "Sorry,for walking out" I said "But,why did you qwalked out and why did you cry?" Christine said while wiping off the tears in my cheeks,she was so sweet,she doesn't know that I like her "Umm..." I took a deep breath "I like you" I said she was speechless and we stared at each other for a moment and it was my time. I was moving my face closer to her and she just closed her eyes.Our lips touched and it was just amazing I kissed her and she kissed me back.We heard the door open and we know it's the boys,we separated and we looked at each other "Niall you look like an apple!" Christine said laughing a bit "Not just me!" I said and she just smiled at me.I can't believe it I kissed the girl I like!

Christine's POV

Oh my gosh,I just kissed Niall.I was perfect like Zayn's,but I don't know if I have feeling for him too. I was feeling guilty because I kissed Zayn and Niall,but I think now,I have some feelings for the both of them!" Someone knocked on the door "Niall?" Liam said.Niall opened the door and he took my hand like his girlfriend.All of them were there and they looked at us,Niall was still blushing that's why they know that something happened. "Niall why are you blushing?" Louis asked "N-n-nothing" Niall said "Why are you holding Christine's hand?" Liam said he let go of me and he started blushing again.They were looking at me and sitted on the couch beside Louis "Sooooo What time will we go paintball?" I asked them "Now,we'll leave about 15 minutes" Liam said.I stood up "I go get change" I said I went up and I laid on the bed,touching my lips while remembering the kiss.

Harry's POV

Did just something happen to the both of them?I was in my room and thinking about Niall and Christine.I know something happened,Niall was blushing,they were holding hands and they just came out of the bathroom. Did they kiss or something?If they kissed,I will kiss her and make it more amazing so it will be her favorite kiss.Even yesterday,Zayn and Christine were both blushing after swimming. I think they kissed too,uhhh they are making a move with the girl they like and me,I'm just standing here! I dressed up getting ready for paintball.I 'll just have to forget about it first so I can have fun!

Christine's POV

I wore a summer outfit cause it's so hot! I wore a floral shorts and a plain sleevles pink shirt and rubber shoes.I like my outfit it's so cute! I put my hair in a messy bun and done my make up. I went out and I was 5 minutes late when I looked at my watch and Harry was there waiting for me. "Sorry I'm late" I said "Wow,you look beautiful!" Harry said,we went out and all the boys were there.They all looked at me with smiles "Don't look at me guys!" I said,I just get irritated "Cause you look so beautiful!" Louis said "Thank you,but don't stare at me like that" I said.We went inside the car and Harry started to drive.When we got there,there were no people except us.They hurriedly went out of the car and a man gave us some suit and a mask.They gave us a gun with colorful balls inside "Ok,guys Christine is in my team" Niall said "I want to be in your team too!" Liam said."Louis is good in painball so watch out for him!" Niall said "It's my first time but I think I can do this!" I said. "Ok!we'll start in 3,2,1 Go" The man said,

I walked and I was behind the barrel,I can see Louis behind the barrel.I should get the flag of them so we can win this game!Louis spotted me and tried to shoot me but he did'nt,I moved in the second barrel but he did'nt see me so he was looking at the barrel and I was positioning it so it would be exact.I was about to shoot but then"Louis!Christine is in the left barrel" Harry said I shooted him but he moved,he stuck out his tongue and I did the same. Liam was left in the base so if someone tries to get the flag,he will shoot him.I think Zayn was left in the base because I can't see him only Louis and Harry.I want to shoot harry because it was his fault I did'nt do the right shot.I should tell niall to team up so we can shoot harry,"Niall!" I said "What?" Niall said "Harry!" I said without our opponents hearing "Ok!"Niall said We moved up and I saw harry.Niall started shooting him for distraction,so Harry concentrated at Niall,I aimed my gun to Harry and shot him!He was hitted in his arm and he looked at my direction I stuck out my tounge and the man said out to Harry.But then,I saw Niall outside with Harry.He was out maybe when he was distracting Harry.So Louis and Zayn v.s Liam and Christine,Let's do it! I was near the flag and Louis was getting the flag of ours,but Zayn was shooting me.I crawled to get the flag,I saw Zayn and he was confused where I am."Zayn,Christine is getting the flag!" Louis said. I  quickly stood up and got the flag! "Nooooo" Louis said "Wooohhh" Liam and Niall said.Wow It's my first time and We won! "The paintball master now is Christine!" Niall said.I went to Louis "You're good!" I said "No,you're better" Louis said with a wink.I stuck my tongue out to Harry and he laughed.We came home and I was so happy!































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