Fun's gone

Christine Payne is one of the cousins of Liam.She hangs out with Harry,Zayn,Louis and Niall.What if someone falls in love for her? Or what if all of them? Perrie and Eleanor will do something if Christine has a relationship with Louis or Zayn.A lot of fun happens but if something bad happens the fun's gone.


14. Just the beginning

Christine's POV

We decided to sleep in the other living room,I've never went there.I went it,there was a large tv,2 big speakers on each side "Hey,Let's get the pillows and blankets upstairs" Harry said "Ok!" All of them said.I stayed and Zayn too "So,when are you ready to get a girlfriend?" I asked him.He laughed "What's funny?" I asked "I don't know" Zayn said "You'll wait for the right one uh?" I said.He smirked "I think she's just here,I'm just waiting for the right move" Zayn said.Was he referring to me?Or maybe just another girl? "Who?" I asked "It's-" before he could finish the boys came in,I stood up  "Let's watch!" Niall shouted "Scary!!!!" I shouted "No!" Zayn said,I looked at him "Yes!" I said "Ahhh ok" Zayn said.There were 3 couches "I want to sit with Christine!" Louis shouted "Me too!" Harry said "Ahhhh!!!!!" Niall and Zayn said "I can be beside you both if we'll sleep!" I said "Yehey!!!" Niall and Zayn said,they did a high five and stuck their tongue out at Louis and Harry.

Louis and Harry sat next to me in the couch.Niall started setting up "What movie?" Harry asked "Paranormal activity !" I said "Did someone watched that yet?" Louis asked,They all said no so that's what they played.It was dark now in the room but I can see Zayn staring at me on the side of my eye.Whenever it's night in the movie,I cover my eyes but I can still see a little bit.I saw the part when the baby was being lifted by the ghost in the crib,I was so scared. I felt an arm wrap arround my waist,it was Harry.He smiled and I smiled back,I held down my head on his chest."Boo!!!!" Zayn shouted at the back "Ahhh!!!!!" I shouted.They all started laughing really hard "Stop Zayn!" I said "Let me be in your side,exchange me too Harry!" Zayn said "Ok,I'll sleep beside her!" Harry said "No no no" Zayn said,he went back to the floor with a sad face

Everybody was sleeping except me,Zayn and Niall "Where will we sleep?" I asked "On the bed" Zayn said "There is no bed" I said "There is" Niall said.Zayn pulled something below the chair,it was a bed. "Cool" I said "Never seen it before?" Zayn asked "Nah" I said.The three of us laid down,I was in the middle "Can I hug you while sleeping?" Zayn asked "Yes anthing you like" Zayn wrapped his arms around me "Can you face me?" Niall asked "Ok" I said.I faced him,he was staring at me,He was so cute so I just closed my eyes


Harry's POV

I woke up,I was not that sleepy.I was looking at Christine and Zayn's arm was wrapped around her,I was jelaous.I looked at her face then I can see fear on her expression."Please No!" Christine shouted and she sitted up. "Christine?" I said,she looked at me and I can see tears.She stood up and I gave her space too sit "What happened?" I asked "I don't know but I think it's about Dying" Christine said "Who's dying?" I asked "I don't know" Christine said.I Lied down "Let's sleep?" I said,she smiled and laid down next to me. We were facing each other so my heart beats fast,I held her in the waist.She kissed my cheek "Thanks Harry" Christine said.I smiled at her then we both slept.

Christine's POV

I opened my eyes and I saw my hand on Zayn's face and my feet on Niall's face.I just stayed it like there,it was relaxing.I went them too wake up now so I started tapping them on their faces "Hey!" Niall said,I started laughing a bit. Niall pushed my feet away "It smells so bad!" Niall shouted,I put my legs on Zayn's face."Mmmm I like these legs" Zayn said and his eyes were still closed.I put my legs up in the air "It's gone" Zayn said "It's still here" I said and I released my legs so It was hitted on his nose "Owwww!" Zayn shouted "Ah sorry" I said while seeing his nose that are color red "I thought it was not gonna hurt" I said,he was so cute with his messy hair.He held the back of my head and pulled it against him.I got my strenght so I pushed his face with my hands "Ahhh" Zayn said.I stood up and stuck my tongue at him before going out.

Perrie's POV

I saw Alexis walking out of the house while crying in the tv.I know it's Christine's fault again so I called Alexis but it said that,her number is unavailable.I know where Alexis live so I went there,I have a bad feeling.I knocked on her house but there was no answer.I saw that the window was open so I fitted myself there to go inside "Alexis?" I said.There were no answer,I looked everywhere but she was not there.I went up the stairs and I can see blood in the floor.I quickly opened the door "Alexis!" I said,she was lying on the ground with a blade on her hand.I looked at her wrist and there were deep cuts,I quickly called the ambulance.

She was put in the ambulance.I quickly went to my car and started following the ambulance.The nurses put her inside a room.I waited and called Harry "Hello?" Harry said "Alexis's is in the hospital" I said quickly and putted my phone.I wish they don't come here with Zayn.The doctor said I can now come in and she's awake now.I knocked on her door before coming in "Hey" I said.I sitted down on the chair "I wish you let me die!" Alexis yelled "Of course not!" I said "Is it because of Christine?" I asked her.Alexis's eyes became dark "I hate that slut!" Alexis said "Do you know why Me and Eleanor broke up with Zayn and Louis?" I said "Why?" She asked "It's because of that Christine!" I shouted.I don't want to cry again "We should do revenge for her" Alexis said.I smiled like an evil person.

The door opened and it was the 5 boys and Christine.Zayn looked at me like he does'nt know me anymore "What are you doing here?????" Alexis yelled "We just want to see your health" Christine said "You!You ruined my life!" Alexis shouted.I just looked down to prevent Zayn "Get the F@#$ out!" Alexis shouted "We just want to see if you're okay!" Harry yelled "You should'nt care!" Alexis shouted.They all walked out the door like nothing happened.I looked at Alexis and she was crying really bad,I went to her bed then hugged her "We're just beginning Alexis,There's still time" I said.



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