Fun's gone

Christine Payne is one of the cousins of Liam.She hangs out with Harry,Zayn,Louis and Niall.What if someone falls in love for her? Or what if all of them? Perrie and Eleanor will do something if Christine has a relationship with Louis or Zayn.A lot of fun happens but if something bad happens the fun's gone.


10. Jealousy

Christine's POV

It was morning,I think my head is in the chest of someone while my legs are on someone too,I always sleep like that.I opened my eyes and saw Harry staring at me while I was sleeping,My arms were wrapped around him "Shit!" I yelled. I sit up and there was a breakfast on the bed and juice so It all spilled to Louis "Ahhhh" Louis said,Harry started to laugh"Oh my gosh!sorry Lou!" I said and I started to get some tissue to wipe him "You'll go shower with me!" Louis said "Naa,It's was Harry's fault,the 2 of you go get shower!" I said 'What happened?" Louis asked.I looked at Harry,he was looking down so he looked up and winked at me."Liam said we can go home now!" Harry said "Yehey!" I shouted.We started packing up,Harry and Louis helped me because my head still hurts.We arrived there and saw Niall eating on the couch just like before we met "Niall!" I shouted "Christine!" He said,we hugged and I joined him."Can I?" I asked Niall holding the remote "Yup!" He said,I started going through the channels and I stopped.There was a video of justin and me kissing in the club yesterday,and it even caught the fighting scene of justin and Niall.Niall turned off the television,I bowed my head down and started to cry.Niall wrapped me in his arms and I felt safe like no one will hurt me forever. "Don't worry I'm here" Niall whispered in my ears,I looked up at him and smiled.

Harry's POV

I felt great this morning,I knew she saw me staring at her. I went up in my room and turned on the t.v,I searched the channels and I stopped on something.It was a video of Justin and Christine kissing,I also saw the fight between Justin and Niall. Niall never told me about them kissing,I was really mad at Justin and Niall.I thought he was a friend but he was a douchbag,it was obvious that Christine was escaping in that kiss.I turned off the tv and went down,I saw Niall hugging Christine,I think they saw it on tv too,I can see Christine crying too and it was hard to look at her. "Niall?" I said,he looked at me still holding Christine "Why did'nt you tell me?" I asked him a bit irritated "Harry,you don't have too" Niall said "No!I have too,not always you!" I yelled at him,Christine stood up with red eyes "HARRY!YOU DON'T HAVE TOO KNOW EVERYTHING!" Christine shouted back,Niall gave me an unbelievable look and he held Christine and they started to.I kicked and throwed everything around me,I want to spend time alone.

Christine's POV

Harry started throwing and kicking things,I looked back and felt horrible for saying that to him.I was not in the mood but he does'nt need to know everything about me. "He needs to be alone first" Niall said "Will be he okay?" I asked Niall "I think so" Niall said.We went to the kitchen,I was so hungry "I want sweets!" I said "Do you know how to bake?" Niall asked me "A little bit,can you teach me?" I said "Sure girl!I have this secret cookie recipe,no one knows it except you and I,your luckly I will tell you this!" Niall said "Oh really??How sweet of you to tell me that!" I said and he started blushing.We started cooking "I don't know how to crack an egg!" I said and Niall started laughing "Oh wait,I remember!" I cracked the egg in his head and I started laughing "Noooooo!!!" Niall said.I started laughing again with my mouth open,Niall had just put egg on my mouth and it tastes so weird,I went to the sink and rinsed my mouth.We started throwing eggs at each other and all my stress were gone because of him.Louis walked in,I was about to throw Niall but he dodged so Louis was the one who got eggs on his face.

"Not again Christine!" Louis said,Niall started to laugh and I just smiled "Sorry lou,it was Niall's fault" I said "You're always blaming someone!" Louis yelled "But it's the truth!" I said "No!" Louis yelled and the both of them started to run towards me so I escaped the room "We're gonna get ya!" The both of them shouted.I ran upstairs and hid in Zayn's room,I was panicking so I just hid in the closet in the bathroom,the door is slightly opened so I can see outside.

I heard water running so I peeked a little and I saw Zayn only wearing his boxers while singing Kiss you using the comb,I laughed a little. "Who's there?" Zayn said,I opened the closet door "Christine!" Zayn said "Shhhh" I said with my finger on the mouth "Why are you hiding?" Zayn asked,I was disturbed by his body "Can you put a shirt first?" I said "Nahhh,I'm fine" Zayn said "Louis and Niall are finding me so shut your mouth,ok?" I said "Ok!" Zayn said "Christine,where are you??" Niall shouted.I closed the closet door and gave a sign at Zayn,I saw Niall walked in "Zayn did you see Christine?" Niall asked "Nope" Zayn said.Good boy Zayn,I lied down and I can smell the perfume of Zayn in his clothes so I got one of his tshirts and smelled it like a puppy "Aha!" Louis said "What??" I yelled.Louis carried me,I was escaping but I could'nt.I saw Zayn giving me a smile "Sorry!" Zayn said "You'll pay!" I said laughing a bit.Louis dropped me in the bed and they all went to the bed and started tickling me "Stooopo!!" I screamed,They all started laughing.I was so happy I have friends like them.

Harry's POV

I slept in the car,I can hear their laughters and I just want to join them so my stress will go away.I drove to the nearest club,I want to find a girl so Christine will get jealous.I drank 10 bottles and I was too drunk,I can't even walk "Hey are you Harry Styles?" A girl asked,she has blonde hair with blue eyes and she was wearing a black dress below her knee."Yeaahh,Whaaat's naamee?" I asked "Alexis Huggins" she said "Can I sit with you?" She asked,I nodded my head. I was still drinking,so I vomited on her dress "Iwww" Alexis said "Sooorryy" I said "Let's go home" Alexis said.She searched my wallet to find the address and started to drive the car.We got there and she helped me get out,she opened the door and I started kissing her.

Christine's POV

I was not sleepy so I went down and started to watch T.v and the door opened.I saw Harry with another girl,they were kissing.So I approached them,I got Harry "Who the heck are you??" I said "Harry's girlfriend" she said "No way!" I said "Why?Jealous?" She said "Why would I?" I said "It's obvious!" She yelled "Give him back to me!" She said "Chriissttinnee Iii wwaannt hheer!" Harry said.The girl pulled Harry "Yoouu jeealoouss???" Harry said "No!I don't even like you and I never will!" I yelled at Harry "Get out of the way!" the girl said and I stepped out of the way.I watched them go upstairs,I was only looking at Harry.I can feel jealousy inside me,that girl is not even good for Harry.



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