Fun's gone

Christine Payne is one of the cousins of Liam.She hangs out with Harry,Zayn,Louis and Niall.What if someone falls in love for her? Or what if all of them? Perrie and Eleanor will do something if Christine has a relationship with Louis or Zayn.A lot of fun happens but if something bad happens the fun's gone.


16. I still like you

Niall's POV

I was cleaning the dishes and glasses in the kitchen."Niall,find Christine!" Harry shouted "Uh?" I said.I hitted the glass in my elbow and it fell on the floor "Ah!" I said,I have a  bad feeling about something. "Niall let's go!" Harry shouted "Why?" I asked "We should find Christine,do you know where she is?" Harry asked "Yeah,I asked her to buy food" I said "Let's go!" Harry said.We got into the car and started pointing the direction "Why???what happened" I asked "I don't know,Alexis said let's find Christine before it's too late" Harry said.We got in the reataurant but she was not there "Where is she???" Harry asked "Maybe she's outside" I said.It was really cold,we looked everywhere but we did'nt see her.

Harry's POV

There was taxi coming,I looked inside and I saw Alexis.I was so happy when I saw her "Alexis!" I said,she ran to me and hugged me "I'm so sorry,Please forgive me!" I said "Harry,Not now,where's Christine?" Alexis asked "We can't find her" I said "No!They must have got her!" Alexis said "Who got her,is she safe?" Niall said "Perrie,Eleanor and I teamed up but I backed out when I heard their plans for Christine" Alexis said "What plans???" Niall shouted at Alexis "Niall,it's not her fault!" I said,Alexis looked really scared "Oh my gosh Alexis sorry,I'm just really worried"Niall said with tears on his face "It's okay Niall,it's really my fault" Alexis said "Don't say that!" I said and hugged her "What was their plan?" Niall asked "Killing her" Alexis whispered "What??No!" Niall shouted with his hands on his hair.

Alexis's POV

I hugged d Niall,he really cares about Christine "It will be alright" I said while rubbing his back,I looked at Harry and he was smiling.My phone rang "Excuse me Niall" I said and he nodded.I looked at my phone and it was Perrie "Shhh" I said to Harry and Niall,I answered the phone"Hello" I said "Hi Alexis" Perrie said "Where's Christine???" I asked "Don't worry,she's still in good hands" Perrie said,I turned my phone to loud speaker so Niall and Harry will hear our conversation.

"Alexis!Please help me were in a-" Christine said and I can tell she's crying "Shut up!" Perrie shouted "We'll kill her tomorrow at 7:00,Let's see if her heroes will come!" Perrie said and she started laughing and she ended the call "Let's find her now!" Niall yelled "No,just tomorrow it's hard to find at night" I said "What if they kill her???" Niall said "They won't,I promise you!" I said,Niall looked down "Ok" Niall said and we went back home.

Harry's POV

I opened the door and saw Zayn,Louis and Liam sleeping "We'll just tell them tomorrow" Niall said.He went up to his room and slammed the door.Alexis and I stayed silent "We have an extra room beside mine" I said still no looking at her "Thanks" Alexis said "Alexis?" I said "Please Harry,not now,I don't want to cry" Alexis said and went quickly to the bathroom.How can I tell her I like her after I did that to her,I heard crying in the bathroom.I walked towards the door of the bathroom,I was about to knock but she needed time first.I went up to my room and showered.

Alexis's POV

I opened the door to make sure Harry was not there.I walked up to the room beside Harry's.I walked in and laid on the bed.I have no clothes so I knocked on the door of Harry,there was no answer so I just went in.I heard the water running in the bathroom,I'll just tell him later that I borrowed his clothes.I opened the cabinet and smelled his perfume,it was really good.

I started finding clothes,someone wrapped his hands on my waist.I looked back and it was Harry smiling,he was wearing pink pajamas "Nice clothes" I said "What are you doing?" Harry asked "Can I borrow some clothes for the night?" I asked "Yeah of course" Harry said,I coughed so he will let go of me "Oh sorry" Harry said.He gave me a shirt and shorts.

I was about to go but he held my hand "Can we talk?" Harry said,I took a deep breath "Ok" I said.We sat in the bed "Can I go to the other side of the bed so I can answer you?" I asked "Uh fine" Harry said.I stood up and walked to the other side,I was facing the wall "I'm so sorry for everything,I'll say all of this now.I really did'nt like you when I met you for the first time but when I saw you with natural face natural hair and the way you act natural,I fell for you.It might sound crazy but it's the truth,I want to start a new beggining.I forgot about Christine now,all I think about is you!" Harry said.A tear fell from my eye,I still like him so I should say it now.I don't want to suffer from all of this "Harry,I still like you" I said.

I closed my eyes,I was crying again.I just felt arms wrap around me,I feel safe "Can you sleep with me?" Harry said.We separated and I smiled,I was really tired.We both laid on the bed,Harry's arms was still wrapped around me and I felt really safe when I'm around him.

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