Fun's gone

Christine Payne is one of the cousins of Liam.She hangs out with Harry,Zayn,Louis and Niall.What if someone falls in love for her? Or what if all of them? Perrie and Eleanor will do something if Christine has a relationship with Louis or Zayn.A lot of fun happens but if something bad happens the fun's gone.


18. Goodbyes

Christine's POV

I was in the hospital,I looked around then I saw Niall,Louis,Liam and Zayn. "Christine,thank god your ok!" Liam said and he hugged me tightly.Niall,Louis and Zayn hugged me too "Where's Harry?" I asked "He's outside crying" Zayn said "Why?Alexis is okay right?" I said,they all looked down "She's okay right??!!??" I shouted "She's gone" Liam said.

I started to panic "No no!!!" I yelled and started removing the tubes in my arms."Christine,stop!" Liam shouted,I can tell he's mad and I hate it. I stopped and looked down,I cried again.Liam wrapped his arms around me "Sorry" Liam whispered "Sorry too" I said "Can I see Harry?" I said "Okay,I'll call him" Liam said,he walked outside together with Niall and Louis."You feeling better?" Zayn asked "Yup" I said "Sorry" Zayn said,he was looking down.I hugged Zayn "It's not your fault" I whipered and he hugged me back

Harry's POV

It was like an hour,I was crying.I just missed her a lot "Harry?" Liam said "Go!" I said,I just want to be alone "Christine wants to talk too you" Liam said.Uhh I hate hearing that name,it's all her fault! I walked in Christine's door,Zayn and Christine were hugging."Ahem" I coughed "Oh,sorry" Zayn said and walked outside.I sat on the couch without looking at her.

Christine's POV

Harry was just there sitting silently without looking at me "Harry are you mad at me?" I asked "Is'nt it obvious??!?" Harry shouted "Why???is it my fault??" I shouted back "Yes!You're lucky you were just hit in the arm!And her,she died!You should have died,not her!I wish I did'nt know you so everything will just be perfect!And you think,I like you??!??No!The kisses,they're all fake!" Harry shouted.He was too much!There was like flood in my eyes "I can't believe you!" I yelled and walked out."Liam,I'm going home.Tell the others I love them all,but Harry.He's he's-" I said,I don't know what to say so I just walked away "Christine wait!" someone said.I looked back,it was Harry.I ran as fast as I can,Tears were flooding my eyes.

Harry's POV

I can't believe I said that to Christine,All of it was a lie,I really love her! Alexis said she was the perfect one for me but I lost her again.I just cried then someone held my shoulder,it was Liam "What did you say to her?" Liam said,he was'nt mad at all.I just hugged him "Let's all go home and talk about it" Liam said.During the car ride,it was really silent.


We all sat on the couch "Soooo what happened?" Louis said "Christine will go home" Liam said "What?Why?" Niall yelled.Liam pointed at me "Uh,because I told her so many bad things" I said "What bad things?" Zayn said "I said It was her fault why Alexis died and a I wished she died and not Alexis" I said "What???" Niall shouted.Niall's face was red,I knew he was really mad. "Why???" Louis said "I don't know" I said.I stood up and was about to go "Where are you going?" Liam asked "Airport" I said "You'll stop her?" Liam said "No,I want to say sorry and a goodbye" I said "I'll go" Zayn said "Me too" Niall said "Me three" Louis said "Liam?" I said "Ok" Liam said."Are we okay?" I said to Liam and he smiled.I'm glad were okay.

Christine's POV

I was now waiting at the airport,I was still crying so I just wipe them with my hand.I just want to go home,I missed my mom and dad a lot and I also want to stay away from problems. Someone gave me a handkerchief,I looked up and it was Harry. "Harry,you won't stop me from leaving" I said "I won't,I just want to be okay with you when you go" Harry said.

He sat beside me "Look,I just don't know what was I saying.That was all a lie,I really loved you Christine.That was not the real me when I was saying all thos things" Harry said "I understand how you feel,I was just shocked that's why I did that" I said "Is it because of me that you're leaving?" Harry said "A little yes" I said "What's the other reason?" Harry asked "I want to stay away from problems first" I said "Will you go back?" Harry said "Of course I will!" I said.I heard the the speaker say my no. Plane "That's mine" I said.Harry hugged me and I hugged him back too.

I saw Liam,Niall,Louis and Zayn were standing there smiling.I stood up and hugged Liam "Come back again ok?" Liam said "I will!" I said the I hugged Niall "I will miss you so much!" Niall said "I will miss you too!" I said.I hugged Louis "Don't forget me!" Louis said "No way!" I said then lastly Zayn "Thanks for everything!" Zayn said "For what?" I asked "For making me happy all this time" Zayn said,I smiled at him."Goodbye bros!See you soon!" I said "Group hug!" Louis shouted.All of us hugged and said goodbyes again.I will really miss them!


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