Fun's gone

Christine Payne is one of the cousins of Liam.She hangs out with Harry,Zayn,Louis and Niall.What if someone falls in love for her? Or what if all of them? Perrie and Eleanor will do something if Christine has a relationship with Louis or Zayn.A lot of fun happens but if something bad happens the fun's gone.


17. Gone

Alexis's POV

I slid out of Harry's arm quietly so he can sleep.I went to the kitchen to cook something for Harry.I felt arms slid around me,I knew it was Harry but it's Louis "Good morning babe" Louis said,I removed Louis's arms from me "Louis,I'm Alexis" I said "Oh I thought you were Christine" Louis said with an embarassed face "You like her?" I asked "Yeah,why?" Louis asked,wow that's hard 2 boys like you "Louis,um because-" I said but I was cut off "Good morning" Harry said,he went to me and kissed my cheek

"Harry,let's tell them" I said then the other 2 boys "What will u tell us?" Liam asked "Christine,she was kidnapped" Harry said "What??!!?" Liam said "Who??!!?" Louis asked and I can see tears forming in his eyes "Perrie and Eleanor" I said "What???!!" Zayn and Louis shouted "Perrie called yesterday,she said they'll kill her at 7:00" I said "Let's go find her!" Liam said.

Christine's POV

I opened my eyes,it was really dark so I can't hardly see a thing.I was in a bed,my hands or legs were not tied but my mouth was taped.I stood up,my head was spinning so I fell down.Someone opened the door,it was a guy but I can't see his face.He helped me up into the bed,I can't see his face "Christine,you don't have to go through all this if you picked me" The guy said,what was he saying? He kissed my cheek and walked out the door,who was that?I recognized his voice but I can't remember.I just laid there crying,I was about to die.

The door opened again and I know it was Perrie "How are you?" Perrie said "You!!" I shouted,I want too puch her right in the face but I was too weak "You're too weak" Perrie said laughing "What did you do to me??!!?" I yelled "We just gave you something when you were sleeping" Perrie said,she pulled my hair "It's all your fault!!" Perrie shouted right in my ear "No!It's your fault,you cheated on him!" I said.She slapped me really hard "You deserve it!" Perrie shouted and walked out.I started crying again then I heard a police car outside.My face lit up,I wish they can save me now.

Perrie's POV

I heard the police outside "I don't want to go to jail Perrie" Eleanor said "We won't,all of us will die" I said "No!I don't want to die either!" Eleanor said "Eleanor!stick to the plan!" i shouted and she nodded.I quickly went to the room of Christine to check her out "If you escape you'll die!" I shouted.I started packing my things,we'll escape in the back door so they won't see us."I'm scared" Eleanor said "We'll get outta here in no time" I said.

Alexis's POV

We arrived into the place "Harry I need to go in" I said "No!You might get hurt!" Harry said "I won't,Christine and I will get out safetly,I promise" I said "Ok" Harry said.I was about to go "Wait!" Harry said,he held my face and kissed me,it was not just a kiss.For me,it was really a true kiss "I love you" Harry said "I love you too" I said.I went closer too the house,my plan is not going inside.I looked around the house and I saw a window,I got a ladder and looked there.I saw Christine lying down on the bed,there was blood on her mouth.I tapped the window so Christine will know I'm here "Christine!" I shouted but not that loud.

Christine's POV

"Christine!" Someone said,I opened my eyes and I heard tapping so I looked around.I saw Alexis outside the window,I stood up with all my might and opened the window.Alexis fitted herself through the window "Christine!" Alexis said,we hugged each other,it really felt great with your friend "Thank you" I said and she smiled "Let's go" Alexis said.She helped me go through the window "There's a ladder,be careful" Alexis said "Ok,it's yout turn" I said.

Suddenly Perrie was there with a gun in her hands "Where do you two think your going?" Perrie said,she aimed the gun to Alexis "No!" I shouted,I quickly pulled her up.Perrie shot Alexis in her body "Alexis!!" I shouted.Perrie aimed it into me then she shooted again,it hit my arm.I fell down on the floor,I saw Niall going into my direction "Christine!" Niall shouted,he picked me up "Alexis!" I said "What happened??" Niall said,I don't know what to say so I just cried.They put me in a bed and they were treating my arm "Where's Alexis???" Harry shouted,I did'nt say a word.I just saw Eleanor and Perrie handcuffed by the police then my eyes closed.

Harry's POV

Christine was not answering,I saw Perrie and Eleanor with the police.I quickly went inside the house and into the room.I saw Alexis lying down on the floor with blood on her shirt "Alexis!" I said "Harry" she whispered.I opened her shirt and saw a shotgun in her body "No!!!" I said "It's okay Harry" Alexis said while wiping my tears away.I hugged her "I think Christine is the right girl for you" Alexis whispered,I just cried "Harry,I will always love you.Don't be sad just because of me,Life is too short Harry" Alexis said "I l-lo-ve y-oo-u" Alexis said and she closed her eyes.I hugged her tightly "I love you too" I said.Paramedics came in,they put her in a bed and went out.I found my perfect princess but she's now gone.





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