Fun's gone

Christine Payne is one of the cousins of Liam.She hangs out with Harry,Zayn,Louis and Niall.What if someone falls in love for her? Or what if all of them? Perrie and Eleanor will do something if Christine has a relationship with Louis or Zayn.A lot of fun happens but if something bad happens the fun's gone.


11. Finding out

Harry's POV

Alexis was in bed with me,goodthing nothing happened.We were still wearing our outfit last night,I remembered last night when Christine was getting me.She was so jealous,I don't even like Alexis,I'm using her so Christine will get jealous.I took a bath and changed into my ordinary clothes "Good morning babe" Alexis said "Mornin!" I said "You look happy,uh?" Alexis said "Yep,what happened last night when we came home?" I asked her "The little slut was getting you!you said she was jealous and she said that she will never even like you" Alexis said,I smiled to myself "I'll go down,change first" I said "Ok babe,see ya" Alexis said.I don't like her calling me babe,I wish Christine would do that to me".

I went to the kitchen "Hey Christine!" I said,she did'nt look back or talk,she just continued cooking "Hey baby!" Alexis said walking into the kitchen,I looked at Christine and she looked irritated "Is that the little slut?" Alexis said,I kissed Alexis so she will get jealous.I looked at her,she was staring at us and when I looked at her she continued cooking."Good morning" Louis shouted "Ohhh,get a room!" Louis said,we separated and smiled at Louis."Good morning Christine!" Louis said "Good morning!" Christine said.Louis wrapped her in the waist,they were whispering something then Christine turned around and kissed Louis on the lips like his boyfriend.After their kiss she looked at me and smiled,I can't believe it,what if Louis is her boyfriend now??

Louis's POV

I wrapped Christine in the waist "I'll kiss you ok?I'll tell you later why" Christine whispered "Ok!" I whispered back.She turned around and kissed me with her hand on my head "Let's go!" Christine said.We went up in my room,she locked the door "Why'd u kiss me?" I asked her "You see that girl in the kitchen?" Christine said "Yeah,what happened to her?" I asked her "I know Harry is just using her,they kissed a few minutes ago to make me jealous" Christine said "So,you used me too make Harry jealous???" I asked a bit irritated "Yes" Christine said "Do you like Harry?" I asked Christine "I think so" She said,I kept silent "Actually,I never told you this but I like you too" Christine said,My face lit up "Really?" I said a bit happy "Yeah,last time I like Niall,Harry and Zayn and now You,Niall and Harry" Christine said "That's hard,what happened to Zayn?" I asked her "She has a girlfriend,I like him but.." Christine said "I get it" Louis said.Christine got up "Bye!" Christine said "Bye!" I said,she walked outof the room.I can't believe that she has a crush on me too!

Christine's POV

I never saw Niall lately,I missed him.I knocked on his door and there was no answer so I just got in.The waster was running in the bathroom so I knew he was taking a bath.I laid down on his bed,His bed was so cool.I pulled out my phone,I have'nt even checked my twitter. I opened it and I saw that I have so many followers.I checked on some tweets,few were good but many was so bad "It was your fault why Niall was punched,I hate you!" "You are not perfect for Justin or One Direction!" "Die @$#*@".Uhhh so many haters!

Niall walked in naked,only towel "Ahhh!" I shouted while covering my eyes "What are you doing here??" Niall asked "I have'nt iseen you for a while,please put something on!" I said "I'm done!" Niall said.I removed my eyes but he is still not wearing something "Ahhh!" I shouted and Niall started laughing.I went up,I was walking towards the door but Niall pulled me close to himand removed my hands from my eyes "You don't have to go" Niall said,we were inches apart.I stuck my tongue at him and pushed him in the bed,I started laughing and walked away "Bye bye!" I said "No!" Niall said "Change first!" I said and closed the door. I was walking past Zayn's room,I heard someone talking to the phone,I think it's Perrie.She might be talking to Zayn but Zayn is downstairs,I opened the door a little bit and listened to her conversation to someone "Yes,I did go back with Zayn,he does'nt know I'm using him so It's fine." Perrie said,I moved back.I can't believe Perrie is tricking Zayn like Eleanor,suddenly the door opened "Were you listening?" Perrie asked,I was a bit nervous "What listening?" I asked her "Never mind" Perrie said.Will I tell it to Zayn now?

Perrie's POV

I walked out the door and saw Christine standing there "Were you listening?" I asked her,she looks nervous "What listening?" she asked "Never mind" I said.I walked down,what if she heard about it.She will surely tell Zayn about this,I don't like to be Eleanor.My carrer will ruin if Zayn will know,I must stop her.


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