Fun's gone

Christine Payne is one of the cousins of Liam.She hangs out with Harry,Zayn,Louis and Niall.What if someone falls in love for her? Or what if all of them? Perrie and Eleanor will do something if Christine has a relationship with Louis or Zayn.A lot of fun happens but if something bad happens the fun's gone.


15. Dark

Harry's POV

Christine and I were waiting for Alexis to come out.I don't know why but I have feeling for her right now.I still love Christine "You like her do you?" Christine said "Yes just know" I said.I did'nt like her last time cause she was wearing too much make up but when I saw her just natural.She looks like an Angel.I made things worse!Christine and Alexis are friends again but I ruined it.

Alexis's POV

Perrie helped me get out of the bed "Thanks for everything!" I said,she smiled "What was the meaning that it's just the beginning?" I asked "We will talk about it later with Eleanor. We walked out the door and saw Christine and Harry waiting for me"Alexis" Harry said "Why are you two here??" I yelled "I think I like you!" Harry shouted "After what you did???" I shouted and tears were running down.He went closer to me,he held my face "Please forgive me,I don't know what I was doing back there." Harry said.He started to kiss me but I slapped him "It's not that easy to forget!I changed for you Harry but you just did that to me!I don't know if I can still forgive you" I said and walked out.

Harry's POV

I was just standing there looking at her leaving me.I think I love her but she will never forgive me!"Harry?" Christine said.I looked at her and hugged her,I just need some comfort now.She started rubbing my back "It's okay" Christine whispered."Let's go home?" Christine said and released.I nodded and she started wiping my tears away,she was just too sweet.

Perrie's POV

Alexis and I went to my house "When will I go home?" Alexis asked "We'll just talk about something quickly" I said "What is it???Tell me!" Alexis said acting like a little kid "Later,kid!" I said while laughing.I opened the door and Alexis went running in the couch.She turned on the tv "Make yourself at home!" I said "I am!" Alexis said.She was really pretty,I can't believe Harry. I went up at my bedroom,I still have the pictures of me and Zayn in my room.I picked up one,it was a picture at the beach with a small girl.


(At the beach)

"Zayn!" I shouted "Yes love?" Zayn said "Catch me!" I shouted.I started running,I looked behind and he was now close "I'm here love!" Zayn shouted.Suddenly I tripped in a sand castle,I sitted up and saw Zayn laughing "Stop Zayn!" I shouted.I looked beside me and it was a little girl about 5 or 6 with a sad face,maybe it was her sandcastle "Hello there" I said,she just kept silent. "Hi!" Zayn said to the little girl "What's your name?" Zayn asked.The girl's face lit up "Wait,a you Zan fom one dection?" The little girl asked,she was so cute "Yes!" Zayn said.The little girl hugged Zayn "Am a fan!" The little girl said. "Thank you!What's your name?" Zayn asked "Molly!" She said "Cute name!" Zayn said."Someday I wish we have a daughter like this" Zayn said,I just smiled at Zayn.I pulled out my phone to take a picture of us three,Zayn carried Molly "Smile!" I shouted 


<End of flashback>

I was about to cry but I held it in because we'll rise.I called Eleanor "Go here now!" I said "Ok,ok" Eleanor said.I put my phone on the table,I laid down on my bed and slept.

Eleanor's POV

I arrived in Perrie's house,I rang the doorbell.The door opened and it was Alexis "Hey!" I said "Hi!" Alexis replied "Where's Perrie?" I asked.Alexis pointed up "Thanks!" I said.I went up and saw Perrie sleeping "Wake up,wake up" I said while moving her "Ahh" Perrie said "Ok,I'll just go" I said "Wait!Call Alexis" Perrie said while sitting up. "Alexis!" I shouted,She went upstairs "Yeah?" Alexis said "Come,let's talk about it now" I said.Perrie was sitting in the bed beside Alexis and I was sitting in the Chair.

Alexis's POV

We started talking about our revenge.I was getting guilty,it was not really her fault that Harry fell in love with her.I still love Harry,Harry said he has feelings for me but I don't know if it was true.But it seems true to me "Guys,I think I should back out" I said "What???" Perrie and Eleanor shouted "Sorry guys" I said and stood up.Eleanor held my hands "You will tell her uh?" Eleanor said.I pushed her and ran away, "Alexis!" Perrie shouted.

I saw a taxi,I waved my hands and got in "Go!" I said to the driver.I looked back and Eleanor and Perrie were standing there.I should now tell them before they get her,I pulled out my phone and called Harry "Harry!where's Christine???" I asked "Bought some food,look Ale-" Harry said "Not now!Find her before she gets hurt!I'll explain later!" I said and ended.

Christine's POV

I was in the line in a reastaurant where Niall said that the food here is very good.It's obvious because the smell and there were many people.I bought chicken,noodles and pasta,I paid for it and walked out.The street was empty,I was only alone but I can feel that there is someone behind me.I looked back but there was none so I continued walking.I heard footsteps so I looked back but there was none.I got afraid so I ran as fast as I could but someone putted a handkerchief on my mouth,I tried to escape but I was too weak.I was out of breath then everthing turned Dark.













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