Fun's gone

Christine Payne is one of the cousins of Liam.She hangs out with Harry,Zayn,Louis and Niall.What if someone falls in love for her? Or what if all of them? Perrie and Eleanor will do something if Christine has a relationship with Louis or Zayn.A lot of fun happens but if something bad happens the fun's gone.


8. Cheating

Christine's POV

I woke up and my head aches a little bit,I looked around and Zayn was there "What are you doing here?" I asked him "I want to say sorry" Zayn said "For what?" I said.He just stayed quiet "Yeah I know,it's just a kiss" I said "It is just nothing for you?" Zayn asked "It was nothing" I said.But the truth is that the kiss was amazing but now he has a girlfriend. He stared at me for a while then he stood up and left.

Zayn's POV

Christine said it was nothing for her,I can't believe it,it really hurted my feelings.I walked towards my room and Perrie was not there.I don't know why did I even get back to her,she does'nt even have time for me.I went down and Harry was sitting on the couch without a shirt on. "Put a shirt" I said "I don't like" Harry said "You won't?" I said "NO" Harry said.I started tickling him,he fell down on the floor and he was laughing hard "You still won't" I said still tickling him "N-n-no" He said,I started tickling him again and this time,harder. "Ok ok!" Harry said "Good!" I said but before he can put a shirt on. Christine was on the stairs smiling at us and I think she was there the whole time "Hi Christine!feeling better?" Harry said "Yeah,thanks" Christine said while walking down the stairs.Harry was still naked and I was irritated,Harry was still looking at Christine and Christine was looking down "Harry can you please put a shirt on" I said "Oh yeah" Harry said and he put back it on.

Christine's POV

The door opened and it was Perrie,Eleanor and Danielle,they were really pretty but look at me I look like trash. "Hello!" Danielle said,Perrie went to Zayn and kissed his cheek "Where's the others?" Eleanor asked "They're upstairs" Harry said "Christine,do you want to come with us?" Danielle asked "Where will we go?" I asked "Anywhere,we can go shopping,manicure and anything you like. "Ok!" I said

We went first to a mall "I really love this mall!" Perrie said "Same as you" Danielle said. We were in Forever 21 and I wish I can buy all of it "Hey I'll go somewhere first" Eleanor said "Where will you go?" I asked her,I was really curious "Ummm I'm just gonna buy something" Eleanor said "What will you buy?" I asked her "Mind your own business!" Eleanor said shouting at she walked away. "What was that" Danielle asked "I just asked her what will she do and she just got mad" I said "She's acting different nowadays " Danielle said "I know" I said "How would you know?" Danielle asked "When we went in a shop to buy clothes for the party,I was finding her and I saw a girl like her with a boy and I think she was flirting but I don't know if that was her" I said "Oh my gosh,I wish it was no her!" Danielle said.After our conversation,Danielle went to the fitting room while I was looking at the clothes.I saw Eleanor outside the window and she was like finding us,I hid on the clothes and I thought she will go inside but she went in another direction.I went outside and she was running so I followed her secretly,There were lots of people so I can't see clearly and I hid there.I saw her sitting on the bench texting,I think she is waiting for someone.After a while there were too many people again and I saw her with another guy and they were holding hands and they kissed too.How could she do this to Louis?I can't believe her!I went inside Forever 21 to find Danielle "Christine there you are!" Danielle said I stayed silent for a while "Did something happened?" Danielle asked "I'm baacckk!" Eleanor said "You look happy!" Danielle said "I know!" Eleanor said.We went home and I was silent,I don't know what to do,will I tell Louis?I just can't believe she cheated!

Louis POV

I was playing soccer with the boys "Eleanor acts differently" Niall said "How?" I asked him "The way she acts,it's like she has a secret" Niall said "Eleanor would'nt do that to me!" I said.She won't right? The girls came "Hey babe" I said to Eleanor "Hey" Eleanor said. I was about to kiss her on the lips but she kissed me in the cheek and went inside. What? Niall was right,she's like keeping a secret from me. "Louis,can we talk?" Christine said "Yeah,about what?" I asked her "Can we talk in your room?" Christine said.We went to my room and sat on the bed "Ok so what is it?" I asked her "I don't know if you will believe me" She said "Say it" I said "We were in the mall and Eleanor said she will go somewhere I followed her secretly and I saw her with another guy,they were holding hands and they were kissing too" Christine said and she looked down. "Louis!" Harry shouted outside the room "what?" I said "You should look at this" Harry said.I opened the door and she gave me his laptop.I saw a picture of a guy and Eleanor holding hands in the mall and kissing,like Christine said. I was speechless,I gave the laptop back to Harry and locked the door. I started crying "Louis open the door!" Harry said "It's okay Harry,I'm here" Christine said

Christine's POV

I hugged Louis and he hugged back "It's hard" Louis said still crying "It's okay" I said. He lied down and his head was on my legs,I hate too see people cry It just wants me to cry with them.Louis stopped crying "I thought we were ment to be" Louis said "I thought too" I said "Can I hve a kiss?" Louis said "What?" I said "A kiss" Louis said "Oh on the cheeks?" I said "Yeah,why you thought on the lips?" Louis said he started laughing,that was embarassing "No I'm just kidding,I want a real kiss from you" Louis said "You want to kiss af-" before I can finish,he lifted his body and kissed me,I started to get away but he held my head and he pushed it into his direction and the kiss lasted about 6 seconds.He released and got up,he was smiling at me and went out the door.I froze "Did he just kiss me?" I whispered to myself.

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