Fun's gone

Christine Payne is one of the cousins of Liam.She hangs out with Harry,Zayn,Louis and Niall.What if someone falls in love for her? Or what if all of them? Perrie and Eleanor will do something if Christine has a relationship with Louis or Zayn.A lot of fun happens but if something bad happens the fun's gone.


21. Beach fun

Christine's POV

I was so nervous to see them,zayn held my hand and he knocked the door.Niall opened it "Christine!!!!" Niall shouted,he hugged me so I huuged him back.We were hugging like 15 seconds "Ahem" Zayn coughed jokingly to break our hug "Haha sorry,Oh and nice hair!You look beautiful" Niall said "Thanks" I said  "Hey!" Liam and Louis shouted.I hugged them "Where's Harry?" I asked "Upstairs" Liam said "Okies,I'll go up" I said.

I went up to his room,I knocked first before goin in "Come in" Harry said.I opened the door carefully,I poked my head inside and he was looking out in the mirror.I tiptoed towards him and put my hands in his eyes "Louis stop" Harry said,he sounds irritated "I'm not Louis silly" I removed my hand.He turned around and his face lit up "Chrissy!" Harry shouted,he tackled me in the bed.He was on top of me now "Hey!" I said  trying to get out "I missed you Chris!" Harry said while looking into me deeply so I looked away "Chris?No just Chrissy,that's a guy's name" I said "Did you miss me?" Harry asked.

The door opened opened "Ah sorry suys!" Liam said,The boypth of us quickly stood up "What's up Liam?" Harry said "We were thinking we could celebrate!" Liam said "What will we do?" I said "Let's go to the beach beach" Liam said in the tone of super bass "Yes!I'll get ready!" I yelled.I went to my old room and changed,good thing my bikini is still here because I left it last time.

Harry's POV

"You happy now?" Liam said,I hugged him "Thank you" I said."What?" Liam said,we both separated "Zayn found her in the mall" Liam said "Oh" I said "You love her uh?" Liam asked and he was smiling."I think so" I said "Okie dokies,I'll change first" Liam said he stood up then went out.I can't wait to see Chrissy!


<Skip car ride>

"Wow!Is'nt this the beach where you filmed What makes you beautiful?" I asked them "Yep!" Louis said "Let's go!" Harry shouted.No one was around except us.It was a sunny day so I needed sunblock cause I don't want to get dark.The boys started to swim "Chrissy let's go" Harry shouted "Ok ok" I shouted back.I can't reach my back to put sunblock,Niall went out of the water.I was thinking of letting him put sunblock in my back but I don't know how to tell him "Need a hand?" Niall said "Oh yeah" I said,I gave the sunblock to him.I lied on the blanket and Niall started putting on my back.I wore my sunglasses then closed my eyes.

I heard laughing and I know it's the boys.I turned around then removed my sunglasses "What?" I said,Louis pointed my butt."Niall!" I shouted,there was so many sunblock in my butt "Not me!" Niall said then he started pointing at the other boys.I stood up and wiped of the sunblock off.

I started chasing teh boys,first is Niall cause he did it. "I'll get ya!" I shouted "Nah ah" Niall said.I throwed sand at him then he stopped "Ah ha!" I shouted then I putted some lots of sunblock on his skin "Hey,that's too much!" Niall complained.

I stuck my tongue out at him,my next target is Zayn.He went in the water and started spalshing water to me so I splashed back.I ran to him then jumped in his back,we both fell on the water "I'm not that heavy!" I said "Yes you are!You're like the heaviest girl I met!" Zayn said while laughing.I pushed him back the he fell in the water "Ha ha!" I shouted.

I looked at Louis he was laughing,He looked at me "Nyah nyah nyah nyah nyah" Louis said while stucking his tongue out at me.I stood up and started chasing him so he ran too.He tripped into a rock,I can't stop so I fell together with him.He was on top of me,he was getting closer then he closed his eyes.I still have enough sunblock in my hands,I pushed his face off with sunblock in my hand "No!" Louis complained "You can't kiss me Lou!" I whispered in his ear "Oh I will someday!" Louis shouted "Ha ha ha so funny Lou" I said.

Harry was my last target but I can't see him. "Where's Harry!" I shouted like a strict teacher,they were all laughing while looking at my back.I looked at my back and saw Harry making faces "Ahhh!!" I yelled "Oh oh" Harry said and he started running.He went underwater so I can't see him.Someone grabbed my legs underwater "Ahhh!!" I shouted then I fell in the water.

"Boys!" Harry shouted acting like a shoulder,They all approached us "Liam!Carry Chrissy!" Harry said.Liam carried me so my tummy was in his shoulders and he was only carrying me in one hand "Put me down!" I shouted while moving "Ok!" Liam said,he let go of me and I fell on the ground "Ouch!" I said "Oh sorry did it hurt?" Liam said "Ah no no it did'nt!" I said and rolled my eyes "Ok boys let tickle her!" Harry shouted "No wait,plea-" before I could finish they started ticking me.

We went and I was so gald they are there again for me,they're just like my brothers!




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