Fun's gone

Christine Payne is one of the cousins of Liam.She hangs out with Harry,Zayn,Louis and Niall.What if someone falls in love for her? Or what if all of them? Perrie and Eleanor will do something if Christine has a relationship with Louis or Zayn.A lot of fun happens but if something bad happens the fun's gone.


9. Accident

Niall's POV

We comforted Louis after his broke up with Eleanor,he said he's fine now with the help of Christine.I don't know what did Christine did to him,I wish Louis will find another girl.I don't know who Christine likes,It's complicated. "Where you goin?" I asked Christine,she was so beautiful with the dress she is wearing "Club" she said "I'm coming with ya!" Niall said "Why?" She said "Maybe you'll get drunk,I can bring you home saftely" I said "Thanks Niall!" Christine said and she hugged me and I hugged her back,I got the keys and off we go

I held her hand and she smiled and we went to the bar "I want the one where I get drunk easily" Christine said "What?Why are you doing this?" I asked her "Nothing,I just want" Christine said with puppy eyes "Hahaah" I laughed "You laugh weird!" Christine said "No!" I said "Yes!" Christine said and she started drinking. "I'll go to the bathroom first,don't do silly" I said "Yahh" Christine said and I know that she was drunk.

Justin's POV

I saw a girl dancing on the dance floor and I know she was drunk,her body was sexy and when I looked at here she was Christine.I approached her "Christine!" I shouted because the music was too loud,she did'nt answer she just kept dancing. I put her on the couch beside me "Christine,it's me justin!" I shouted again,she looked at me with her beautiful brown eyes "J-j-uus-tt-in?" She said "You were the one who used me!" She said shouting and her tears started to fall.I just can't believe I did that to her "Christine,be my girlfriend again and we can start over again!" I said.She started crying again,I can't help it so I kissed her,she was escaping but I held her close.

Niall's POV

I saw that Christine was not on the bar,it was hard to find her.I was worried something might happen I looked around and saw Christine and a guy kissing and I know Christine was escaping but the guy held her close.I walked towards their direction "STOP!" I shouted at the guy and pushed him "JUSTIN??!!!?" I shouted "Niall" He said with worried eyes "What are you doing??!!?" I asked him "She became my girlfriend!" Justin said "WHAT,WHEN,HOW???" I said "B-but h-e u-used me" Christine said and started crying again.I could'nt help it so I punched Justin's face "What the???!!!!" Justin said and started punching me,I puched back and Christine stopped us but when Justin was about to puch me in my stomach.Christine defended me and she was the one who got hurt "Christine!" I said,she fell down on the floor and blood started to go out of her mouth "What the heck did you do??!!!?" I shouted at Justin whi froze there "Call 911!" I said.I carried her outside and the ambulance was there,we got inside the ambulance and I held her hands.Tears started falling from my face,blood was all over her. They rushed her in the emergency room "Christine!open your eyes!" I said,her eyes was just closed "Sorry sir,you can't go beyond this point" the nurse said. I started texting everyone that Christine is here in the hospital,the other nurse brought me in room and she started treating the punches that Justin gave me. Christine said justin used her,I got really mad,right from the start she should have told me that. I went out and everybody was there "What happened??" Harry asked worriedly and I told them everything."I knew that Justin was Christine's ex" Harry said "Then why did'nt you tell me??" I said "Christine said I can't tell anyone" Harry said.The doctor was going at our direction "Are you the boyfriend of Christine?" the doctor asked,I wish! "Close friends,is she okay?" I asked "Yes,but there was an internal bleeding on her head,luckily it was'nt that serious" the doctor said "Can we visit her?" Harry asked "Yes,you may" the doctor said 

Christine's POV

I opened my eyes and and everything was white,"am I in heaven?" I asked myself "No,your not and don't even think about that" Niall said "Niall!" I hugged him "Are you okay?I am so sorry,I was drunk" I said "No no no I'm okay,You're the one I should ask" Niall said "My head hurts" I said "You had an internal bleeding in you head" Harry said "I missed you!" I said and hugged him. "Hey Louis!" I said and hugged him,he did'nt let go of me "That's enough Lou!" Harry said "No!" Louis said like a little boy so I laughed "It's ok Harry,do you want?" I asked him,he just smiled and I hugged him too like they're my sons "I love you" someone whispered while I'm hugging Harry and Louis "Who said that?" I asked the both of them "Who said what?" Louis said "Never mind" I said "So,can I go home now?" I asked them "No,you will be staying here for 2 more days" Liam said "Nooooooo" I said "I don't like hospitals too but I'll stay with you if you want" Louis said "Awww thanks Lou" I said "I can stay too!" Harry said "Ok! Thank you guys!!!!" 

Louis POV

Uhhhh Harry will stay! I want to spend time alone with Christine,I did'nt know why I said I love you too Christine but I think it was true.They all left and the 2 of us were left in the room,because harry just got something from the car "So what will we do?" I said "I want to play video games!!!!!" Christine said "Black ops!" I said and I thought she does'nt know that game,she looked at me and smiled like a joker "What???" I said laughing a little bit because she looks so funny "I'm just the best!" Christine said "Nooo I'm the best!!!" I said "Nooooooo!!!!" Christine said.I went to her bed and started tickling her "Who's the best??" i said "Meeee!!" Christine said so I started tickling her again "Owww my head" Christine said "Oh I forgot sorry" I said.I was on top of her and our faces were inches apart,I want it now so I moved closer "Hey!" Harry said. I Moved my head back and started to get out of bed "What happened" Harry said "I was just tickling her" I said "Ok" Harry said "She wants to play Black ops!" I said "I'll surely win!" Harry said "You're not that good!" I said "Oh yeah" Harry said and I laughed. I called someone to get the Video game. We just talked and laughed and someone knocked the door,I went up and It was the game. "It's here!" I said "Yeheyy" Christine said,I set it up and gave the controllers to Harry and Christine. We played gun game first and she won "Uhhhhhh" I said "Who's the best now???" Christine said "Me" I said and she stuck her tongue out. We played and played and Christine was really good "I'm too good!" Christine said "Ok ok!" I said.I checked my watch and it was time to sleep,I turned of the television and went to the bed with Christine and Harry."I'm squished" Christine said and Harry and I both laughed.I can't sleep,I looked at her and she was sleeping peacefully,Harry was facing the wall and Christine was facing me,how lucky I am! I just stared at her,I wrapped my arms around her to tell her she was safe.   


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