Jacob's diary

How can I go on with my world when my boy is no longer here? I wake up everyday and the first thing I do is feel like I can't face the day ahead without my son. I had to keep him alive and the only way I could do that was to make sure he lived his life through my diary. What did he do when he grew up? who did he fall in love with? I was going to give him the life that was taken so he would still be with me.


22. final thoughts

So I started this story after a very long debate with myself. I have always written fantasy/sci -fi and thought that was the kind of stories I would be writing when I started on here. Many months before I found this site I was reading "Sing you home" by Jodi picoult. I found that I was drawn into the lives of these characters, I cared about (People) It was then that I realised that I have a deep interest in people and the stories that they have to tell. I walked around with that in my mind for a while and one day when the folks at home were watching yet another C.S.I.  That I had seen about 8 times before, I found my mind wondering and the people walked into my mind.


I knew that the story was going to involve a diary of some kind, something that someone could not let of, it was their own addiction against what was going on in their life. Jacob came next and I thought at first that I would only be spending a very small part of the story with him, I guess he had other plans! As this family started to let me in on their lives I realised I had the start of a story that I just needed to write. This was an emotion journey for me, I cried at times as I put the words down that needed to come and I hope I captured their emotions well.


I do not claim to be a great writer but I do what I love to do, in fact I find this bloody hard at times!

I hope that anyone who read this story enjoyed it and I hope it did touch at least one of you. I hope that another (people) story comes to me one day because I enjoyed this and I didn't want to let this family go, they feel part of me now! I will get around to sorting out the things that need sorting and order me a papella, these people deserve that!

hope you stick with me through other, not so emotional works,


STu :-)

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