Jacob's diary

How can I go on with my world when my boy is no longer here? I wake up everyday and the first thing I do is feel like I can't face the day ahead without my son. I had to keep him alive and the only way I could do that was to make sure he lived his life through my diary. What did he do when he grew up? who did he fall in love with? I was going to give him the life that was taken so he would still be with me.



The elderly woman sat up in her hospital bed. The light from the sun was making the dust dance in the beams of light. She smiled as she looked around the room at the nurses who were standing at her bed. She reached out a hand and the nurse took it into her own.

"It's ok, Judy. Everything is going to be ok."

"I'm not afraid." The elderly woman took a deep breath.

She had a lovely life and at times it had brought her great sadness. She didn't regret a single thing that she had done. She thought about her husband, Darren. He had past away a few years back through heart problems. She had loved that man all of her life and she was ready to join him now in her death. She thought about her boy, her Jacob and all the years she had waited to be reunited with him. This was worth it, She was sure he was there waiting. She was ready.

"In the cupboard, please pass me that diary." Judy was getting weaker.

"Here you go." The nurse had tears in her eyes as she handed the book over to Judy.

Judy sat with the diary held close to her chest. She closed her eyes and she smiled before her life slipped away from her. Her hand fell to her side. The nurse took the book and handed to the man standing by the bed.

"She would have wanted you to have this."

"Thank you." The man took the diary and learnt forward and kissed his mother.

"I love you, mum. Sleep well." he said as the tears broke free.

As Darren JR sat outside the hospital he opened up the diary and flicked through the pages. He saw the story of his brother, he had never known him. Now through this diary he could get to spend his life with him. This was the best gift that his mother could leave him. He had been born after his mother and father had re taken their marriage vales. He and his step sister had met for the first time at that wedding and they often spent time together with Cindy her mother.

His mother and Cindy had become friends over the years. It had taken time and a lot had happened in-between but that was all water under the bridge now. His life had been blessed, he couldn't have asked for better parents, One day he wanted to tell their story of happiness and loss. Now he had his own wife and young son and he wondered how their lives would be.

As the sun shone down, Darren JR walked down to the his son who ran into his arms upset. his mother was wiping her own tears away as he approached.

"Come on, Jacob. It's a beautiful sunny day let's go and enjoy it."

Jacob took his fathers hand. "It's ok, Daddy. Nana is happy now."


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