Make-up and break up

Bethany Noel Mota (yea I know she's amazebeans. Just had some trouble making up a new character)-just a regular girl from LA. When she gets to London love happens.

My first movella YIPPIE! Barry Love Fanfiction ;)


2. Chapter 1.

Bethany's POV 


Hello! My name is Bethany Noel Mota. I'm from LA California. I love sunshine, bows [A/N Bows before bros] and make-up. You must be wondering why am I so opened up to people? Simple answer. I do YouTube videos so I talk to strangers all the time. Anyway I finished school and it was a school (high school) to become a professional stylist. My dad is a geography teacher and my mum is an Turkish actress. Yea wierd combo tell me about it. They're proud and supportive of my choice. I love make-up. You can see that in my videos.


My aunt Louise Teasdale -YES ONE DIRECTIONS STYLIST LOUISE TEASDALE- is my inspiration. So when I finished school she invited me to help her since she was their only stylist [A/N Let's pretend she was shall we?] Of course I said yes. Now I'm on my plane trying to get used to the shit weather in London.


*Skipping boring plane*


You're finally here!! -my auntie yelled for the entire airport to hear. She's so carefree.

You happy to see me?!

Of course I am!! What kind of an silly question is that??? -she fake gasped

I know sorry...-I laughed at her silliness


We got to her house it was large. She took me to my room. It was a bright blue/green room with a cream carpet, the bed was on the upper right side and the walk-in closet was on the left. In the down left corner there was a resting, sitting and reading place and in the right corner there was a wonderful vanity for all my make-up to fit in.


Thank you- I screamed and hugged my aunt.

BETH!!!!- I heard a high-pitched voice yelling.

LUX!!!- I picked Lux up.


Gosh I missed this girl. She's my youngest cousin. Lou tells me that she loves me very much and that 'Beth' was her second word as well as 'mummy' and 'daddy'.


Which word was her first word?- I asked confused.

Harry.- Lou said with her bright smile.

Harry? Who is that?

Harry Styles. One of the guys I work for. Never heard for them?

Never heard for who?- now I was feeling like I'm living under a rock

One direction!! Girl you're age are cray cray about them.- she said in disbelief

I was just busy with school and making videos. - I defended myself. [A/N let's also pretend Beth was not a directioner/crazy mofo]


I went to the bathroom and washed my hair. I was tired so I slipped my PJ's on and went to the kitchen to grab something to eat and then head off to bed.


You start tommorow! Get some rest. - Lou yelled to me.



I ate my cereal and slipped between my covers. Tommorow will be an interesting day.


*Next day*


I woke up, went to the shower and putted some make-up on. I dressed up my 'Heart breaker' crop top, some high waisted shorts and my high top converse. I brushed my hair, grabed my phone and headed to the kitchen.



Look who woke up! We gotta go now. Eat your breakfast quick.


Lou's house was near the studio we supposed to go so she walked while I grabbed my skateboard.


Hello boys!!- Lou suddenly yelled.-Meet Beth I have something to do.

You will be our new stylist?- asked Liam

Yep.- I smiled

How come you're so calm? You probably aren't a fan...- said Niall

Nope, I sure am not. But Lou told me how famous you were.



Harry's POV


OMG! She's gorgeous! I've been with alot of women but her... NO I haven't been with them because I use them. I simply try to find a perfect girl for me everywhere but only the boys know that. Maybe she could be the one. But I won't screw it up.


Nope, I sure am not. But Lou told me how famous you were.. she said with her beautiful voice.

Maybe I can make her mine...- I sadi loud enough just for Louis to hear.

I know you can.- Louis smiled at me.

Do you have like a hobby?- Zayn asked Beth.

Yea, I play football, mostly basketball, I skate and do beauty and fashion videos.

What's you YouTube name?- I asked

MacBarbie07- she said simply.


My stalking starts very, very soon.


Bethany's POV


I might even look at some fanfiction's and facts about the boys. If they're world famous I have to know something about them cuz let's realize what would the world be without me? Bazinga. I laughed at myself.


[A/N So basically I was unpatient so I'm giving you the first chapter. Hope you like it! Twitter:@SquabLoves1D]

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