Life As We Know It 5

Life As We Know It is a life that we all know. It is the last series of them all. Life As We Know It 5 is the last series. In the last series Kim has asked Randy to marry her. Read on and see if he answered her. Not just that, but the relationships, friendships, and memories are all coming to an end. Someone is getting divorced again and someone is getting back together. Who is? Read on to see how this life changing decisions ends like.


2. 1.2

(Randy's flashback) 

Randy: You're really good in bed you know that. 

Kim: *smiles* Well guys don't like me for now reason. 

Randy: *smiles and kisses kim* 

Kelly: Hi, I'm Kelly. 

Randy: Randy. 

Kim: We rather have sex then attend your stupid party. 

Randy: I can be one for you. 

Kelly: Really? 

Randy: I want to break up. 

Kim: Tell me this has nothing to do with that Christian girl. 

Randy: It does. 

AJ: I hate her! She's so mean. 

Randy: I'll be your friend. 

Kim: All he wants is to have sex with you. 

AJ: Then I will give it to him. 

Kim: You can't have Randy, you'll never get the love he had for me. 

AJ: If it's just for sex, I am glad to give it to him Kim. 

Kim: Keep on dreaming. 

AJ: I will marry Randy at the end. 

Kelly: I can't believe you would do this to me Randy, I really liked you and trusted you. 

Eve: She's having John's baby. 

Michelle: What? No way. 

Eve: You guys can't tell anyone or I'm dead! 

Randy: Eve! 

Eve: Randy? 

Randy: I really wish that was my child.  

Kim: Well it's not. 

Randy: You have to get rid of that child! 

Kim: It's my baby! 

Paola: She didn't tell you? She and John are getting married. 

Randy: Let's just have a one last Randy and Kim. *smiles* 

Kim: *smiles and kisses randy* 

Stacy: Randy right? 

Kim: *looks* 

Stacy: I'll see you at seven? 

Kim: Tell me you didn't sleep with her! 

Randy: Already did, I wasn't waiting on your approval. 

Stacy: I'm pregnant. 

Michelle: What!? You two are getting married! 

Stacy: I do. 

Randy: *smiles* I do. 

Kim: How could you do this to me Randy!  

John: You'll never love Stacy like Kim.  

Randy: Lies! 

John: You don't care for Stacy like Kim. You always were jealous when Kim was with another guy, but you never did with Stacy. 

Stacy: I really wish you could love me like Kim Randy! *crying* 

Randy: I'm sorry. 

Stacy: I want to get divorced. 

AJ: Randy! *runs and hugs randy* 

Kim: Will you marry me? 

Randy: You're not in love with me and neither am I. Here's your ring back. 

Kim: What are you doing here? 

Randy: I just came by to give you one last kiss for goodbye. 

Stacy: What are you doing here Randy? 

Randy: I want to get back with you. 

Stacy: *smiles happy* 

Randy: *kisses randy* 

Stacy: I'm so glad we're back together. 

Randy: *flashback stops* 

Kelly: *working on her homework* 

John: *textes Kelly* Goodnight. 

Kelly: *flashback starts* 

(Kelly's flashback) 

John: I really wish your parents can approve us being together, I really, really like you. 

Kelly: And I really like you too John. 

John: I'm glad we're together, I love you so much Kelly. 

Kelly: I love you too John. *smiles* 

Randy: I can be the one for you if you let me. 

Kelly: I want to break up with you. 

John: Tell me it wasn't Randy. 

Kelly: He seems to really like me. 

Kim: Like how he's seeing AJ behind your back. 

Randy: I am not! 

AJ: Hey babe. *kisses randy* 

Kelly: I really liked you Randy, not just that, but I trusted you. 

Kim: Did you hear anything about me? 

Kelly: No, why? 

John: You can't have my child. 

Kelly: What? 

John: I'm sorry I hurted you. 

Kelly: It's ok. *smiles* I'm just glad we back together and you and Kim are still friends after losing Miracle. 

John: I love you Kelly. 

Kelly: *smiles* I love you too. 

John: Will you marry me? 

Kelly: *chuckles in happiness* Yes. 

Layla: John's cheating on you with a girl name Torrie. 

Kim: What's up? 

Kelly: I don't know, I just, I don't think I want to marry John anymore. 

Kim: Why? You two have been through so much together. 

Kelly: I just can't trust him anymore Kim. After what Layla's told me, I just can't. 

Kim: Well I'm sure things will work out. 

John: *hugging torrie* 

Kelly: What the hell! No! It's over between us! 

John: Can I come over? 

Kelly: *opens the door* What are you doing here? 

John: I came to talk to you. Kelly, I still love you. *kisses Kelly* 

Kelly: *smiles and kisses john* 

Father: I now pronounce you two husband and wife. 

Dr. Jane: It's a girl. 

John: We're gonna be great parents. *smiles* 

Kelly: I know we are. *smiles* 

John: So this is it huh? 

Kelly: Yeah. 

John: I'm gonna miss you. 

Kelly: Me too. 

John: We're still gonna be good friends right? 

Kelly: Yeah of course. *flashback stops* 

Harry: *calls niall* You know what, maybe I shouldn't even see her. 

Liam: It's up to you, I mean you two have been through a lot too. 

Harry: *flashback starts* 

Louis: This is Harry. 

Harry: Hi. *kisses kims cheek* 

Kim: Oh? *chuckles* Ok. 

Niall: I'll eat your food for you. 

Kim: I'm gonna go home. 

Harry: I'll walk you to your dorm, it's pretty far from here. 

Kim: *smiles* Ok. 

Harry: *about to kiss kim* 

Perrie: Aw, how cute. 

Harry: *smiles* Goodnight Kim. 

Kim: Of course you can move in. 

Harry: I can't wait. *smiles* 

Eleanor: Maybe I should move in instead I mean the boys are gonna be gone for 8 months. 

Kim: Eight months! 

Harry: I wanted to tell you. 

Kim: Maybe we should just break up, I can't wait that long. 

Harry: Just wait for me. 

Kim: Harry! 

Harry: 8 months was worth it right? *chuckles* 

Kim: Yeah, because I was busy too. 

Harry: *kisses kim* 

Kim: My mom passed away. 

Harry: I will come and find you if you don't want to tell me where you are. 

Kim: I hate the hospitals, do you want to have children's someday? 

Harry: Will you marry me? 

Kim: I want to get married after your big stadium tour. 

Harry: Why can't we get married now? 

Kim: I want you to have all the free and fun time before settling down. 

Harry: What's the difference between engage and being married? 

Kim: Well if we're engage, we can push the date back or we can call it off and don't have to go through court. 

Harry: Is there ever gonna be a day where we're not arguing? Where we can just have peace and love eachother and make love instead of just sex? 

Kim: *silent* 

Harry: I want the ring back. 

Kim: Why can't we just stick with the plans?  

Harry: Can I have the ring back, it belongs to my family. 

Kim: Yeah, I'm engage to Randy. 

Harry: Call me when you get married. 

Kim: I'll call you the week before I do. 

Harry: Goodbye Kim. *flashback starts* Yeah, we did go through a lot. 

Niall: Just talk it out with her, I'm sure she'll understand. 

Harry: Thank you. *hangs up* 

John: *rings the doorbell* 

Kim: John? 

John: Hi Kim, I have nowhere to stay, can I stay here the night with you and Randy? 

Kim: Randy and I aren't together anymore. 

John: Why? Is that why you were crying yesterday? 

Kim: Yeah, yeah it was John. 

John: *hugs kim* I'm so sorry. 

Kim: It's ok, I think I can do better. 

John: Yeah, I know you will Kim. You're a beautiful girl and you deserve so much more. 

Kim: *cries* I'm just so hurt to get heartbroken twice in an engagement. 

John: *stares at kim and has a flashback* 

(John's flashback) 

Kelly: I'm really glad we're together. *smiles* 

John: When are we gonna do it? 

Kelly: I'm not having sex with you. 

John: Ok, that's fine. 

Kelly: I want to break up. 

Kim: Are you trying to flirt with me? *chuckles* 

John: No, maybe? 

Kim: Too bad we didn't get to know eachother back then. 

John: Yeah, I know. 

Kim: Well we can start now. 

John: I had a really great night with you. *smiles* 

Kim: Who cares about that blonde bimbo! 

John: Kim! 

Kim: John? 

Eve: John, Kim wants to talk to you. 

John: So? 

Kim: You first. 

John: No you. 

Kim: I'm sure you heard about me right? 

John: Yeah, I did. 

Kim: You are the father. 

John: Wait what? Ok, now this is awkward. 

Kim: Yeah, it is. 

John: You can't keep that baby. 

Kelly: What? 

Randy: Married? I see no ring. 

John: *grabs kims hand* 

Kim: *looks at john* 

John: We're going to get one afterschool today. 

Kim: I can't believe we're married. *smiles* 

John: Me too. 

Kim: I'm just not comfortable tonight John. 

John: We'll go see the doctor tomorrow morning. 

Nate: She's didn't make it. *crying* 

Randy: I'm so sorry John. 

Kim: Let's get a divorce. 

John: We can be together still without Miracle, we can learn to love eachother without her and when we're ready we can start a family again. 

Kim: A part of me is telling me to let go and the other half is telling me to hold on. 

John: I guess this is it huh. 

Kim: Yeah. 

Kelly: I can't wait to see you babe. 

John: Two more days now right? 

Kelly: *smiling* Yes. 

Kim: *crying* I'm so hurt John. 

John: I'll come see you, forget Kelly. 

Kim: John! *runs and hugs john* 

John: *hugging kim* I'm so happy to see you Kim. It's so good to see you. I'm happy to be here with you.  

Kim: Me too John. *smiles* 

John: Will you marry me? 

Kelly: Yes! *smiles in chuckles* 

Torrie: Hi, I'm Torrie. 

Layla: You need to let her go if you're gonna keep hurting her John. 

John: I'm not. 

Layla: She was hurt when you were with Kim and then you got her pregnant and married her, that's when you broked her. 

Kim: *holding Roseanne* This could have been us with Miracle. 

John: *smiles sad* Yeah. 

Kelly: What the hell! 

John: Kelly? 

Torrie: Who's this? 

Kelly: It's over between us! 

John: I want to talk to you. 

Kelly: What are you doing here? 

John: *kisses Kelly* 

Father: I now pronounce you husband and wife* 

Dr. Jane: It's a girl. 

Kelly: I can't do this anymore John, we have to get a divorce. 

John: Why? 

Kelly: I'm just not in love with you like the old days anymore. Something along the line changed and I just can't love and trust you anymore.  

John: Is that how you really feel right now? 

Kelly: Yeah. 

John: So this is it huh? 

Kelly: Yeah. 

John: We're still good friends right? 

Kelly: Yeah, we are John. 

John: *flashbacks stops* You know, just like how you're bad with engagements. I'm really bad with marriage. 

Kim: *smiles* Yeah, we were once married. 

John: But you know maybe it's because we're young and we don't know what's best for us. 

Kim: Or maybe we're just not ready for all of this. 

John: Or that. 

Kim: Yeah. 

John: You know, this is wrong, I shouldn't even be here with you. 

Kim: What do you mean? 

John: Kelly and I been through a lot, I should go back and try to work things out with her. 

Kim: Yeah, you should. 

John: Kim, I love you, and you know I'll always be here for you if you need anything. 

Kim: Yeah, I know and I thank you for all of that. *smiles* 

John: *smiles* I should get going now though. 

Kim: Ok. 

John: *stands up* 

Kim: *hugs john* Thank you for coming by. 

John: Thank you for taking me in. 

Kim: *smiles* 

John: Bye Kim. 

Kim: Bye John. 

John: *leaves* 

Kim: *sits on the couch* So I really am alone, who cares right? You're beautiful; you'll find someone on the way in life. It's not the end of the world Kim. You're ok, you're gonna be ok. *smiles upset/hurt* 

Harry: *rings the doorbell* 

Kim: *opens the door looking away* What'd you forget now? 

Harry: You. 

Kim: *turns quickly and looks at the front* Harry? 

Harry: Hi Kim. *smiles* 

Kim: What, what are you doing here Harry? 

Harry: I bought your suitcases. 

Kim: Why? 

Harry: Let's go to London and get married like we said. *smiles* 

Kim: *smiles big and hugs harry* 

Harry: Pack your bags and let's go get marry in London babe. *smiles big* 

Kim: *screams from excitement and kisses harry* 

Harry: * puts the ring on kim/smiles and kisses her*

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