Taken Love

They won't stop until they have want they want. We can only the trust the three of us and one direction, but they might even betray us. We need to find out who these people are because they won't stop until we're dead. It all started when I was kidnapped or was it the day I broke up with my boyfriend.


2. What the Hell

I hear the doorbell run downstairs, open it to see a pissed Kat "What the hell" she screams "What do mean?" I asked innocently, I knew exactly what she was mad about the post her and Georgia(my other best friend) were obsessed with1D. "You know what I'm talking about" "I am sorry I won't do it again" I lied " I know you won't because as payback you, Georgia and me are going to their concert" she smirked. I could of fainted but I knew there was no point in arguing I was bond to go. Once I recovered we ran upstairs and decided to FaceTime Georgia. After a couple seconds she answered. " so did you tell her yet" she asked Kat " of course and she didn't even protest" she squealed. I had to admit most of them were cute but it was there music and all the obsessing about them that made me hate them. When I stopped thinking I noticed Kat had ended the video chat and started to go through my closet " what are you doing" I asked   " well you need something to wear for the concert and we need to make sure you don't need to buy anything, which you do" " why are worrying the concert isnt till two weeks"  " yeah but while you were daydreaming I got an email saying that the concerts been moved to Wednsday, so let's get some rest we got a busy day of shopping ahead of us" we both changed into our pjs and went to sleep. 


I woke up to Kat hitting me with a pillow sing-screaming " wake up" " alright alright I'm up" we got up and got dressed.

I wore black skinny jeans with teal toms a teal tank top and a cream lace shirt on top of the tank.

After I did my make up and hair we got into my pearl hummer. It was a 15 minute drive from my house to the mall. I parked the car and we practically ran to forever 21. I bought a few things and then we went to guess and tilly's. I had 6 large shopping bags and Kat had 5. We went to the food court and ordered smoothies. We found a table in the corner where Georgia ran up to us apologizing for being late we laughed and went back to drinking our smoothies and talking about Randy the highschool drama queen. " have you noticed those boys staring at us" I asked " yeah I thought it was just me" Kat said " I know they been looking at us for 5 minutes straight."" well let's give them a show" I stated. We stood up flipped our hair and saunteered over to the trash cans on the way pass them I purposely dropped my cup and picked it up showing a little of my bum, I could a 3 people in the group silently say "umm umm ummm" as a I got up i did a discreet hair flip. Walled to the trash and walked back to my table when Kat yelled " Victoria Turner get over here now" I nodded and pranced over there " why did you say my name now the stalkers know it" " sorry, one of them was about totalk to you so I was trying to save you" after that we went to my house.

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