Taken Love

They won't stop until they have want they want. We can only the trust the three of us and one direction, but they might even betray us. We need to find out who these people are because they won't stop until we're dead. It all started when I was kidnapped or was it the day I broke up with my boyfriend.


8. the day after

I woke up the next morning. When I got I fell to the ground because it hurt so bad, then all the memories from last night started flooding in and I started crying. I felt so weak and useless.I crawled back in bed and cried until there weren't anymore tears left. At about one I woke up to someone knocking on the door when I didn't answer he let himself. It was the one and only Niall Horan. He asked me what was wrong, obviously noticing my tear stained cheeks and puffy eyes. I lied and said it was nothing going to the bathroom to rinse my face. "How come you were screaming last night?" Man he did not give up easily " I hit my hand when I was l...um...falling out the bed?" I lied in more of of question form, thinking about what Harry said he would do to me if anyone found out. "Uh huh, the boys and I thought so to so went to check on you but Harry didn't come and when I passed his room he wasn't in there" "strange" I sighed "can you leave so I can change" I asked quicklybefore he could ask another question. When he was gone I went in the closet and put on denim shorts, a crop top with Marilyn Monroe on it, and black secret heel tennis shoes. Once dressed left the room and started sneaking around the house. Every window walk locked from the outside in to my disappointment. I went looking for the kitchen but stopped at my room to put on makeup I wore red lipstick, grayish-black eye shadow, and black mascara. I finally made it to the kitchen.and with my good luck all the boys were there. I poured myself a cup of water without saying a word. A hand was placed on I flinched when I realized it was. All the boys noticed this and must of been suspicious because they looked at each other and then Louis got up and tapped me and I didn't flinch. All of sudden Liam yells" Harry, did you rape Victoria" oh no Harry is gonna think I told them. Harry slammed me against the wall and said "I told you not to tell anyone or else" " or else what?" I said as I kicked him where no man wants to be kicked. When he fell to the floor I ran out the and ran to the farthest window and broke it with my elbow. Luckily when no body was looking I grab Harry`s phone  I called a cab and climbed a tree, thank you to my childhood of being a tomboy. The boys came out looking for me but didn't see . me. A saw the cab start to appear but then Niall whispers "I have never seen a girl climb so high in heels"


I see her in the tree and climb up. The truth is I think I am falling for her. Once I am up I whisper so the guys wouldn't hear I have never seen a girl climb so high in heels. She smiles and looks down. I couldn't resist the way the light made her Crystal blue eyes shine like the sea. And her dirty blonde hair reflected the light. I leaned in and kissed her.



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