Taken Love

They won't stop until they have want they want. We can only the trust the three of us and one direction, but they might even betray us. We need to find out who these people are because they won't stop until we're dead. It all started when I was kidnapped or was it the day I broke up with my boyfriend.


14. suspicious

Louis pov

they girls went out to do something, so the boys and I were watching telly. I decided I was going to ask them about last night.

"So did you guys hear anything weird last night?" they all shook their head no.

" hey are the girls acting suspicious to guys?" liam asked

"no why?"

" well this morning I found a ski mask on the floor, so I was gonna ask you guys if it was yours. then Kat came down and we watched toy story. so I asked her about the mask, she looked at shocked then said it was hers to keep her head warm at night. which I'm pretty sure isn't true. then she ran upstairs without saying anything else" I felt like this had something to do with last night so I was gonna tell them what i saw last night.

" the girls are acting suspicious. last night i saw them carrying mannequins downstairs. i was about to ask them what was going on when tori told them 'to be quiet or else they will find out what's she's doing' and then i went back to bed" we all looked at each other.

" up to something and we're gonna find out' when we finished our conversation the girls walked in. what did they do. toris blonde hair was tinted blue. Kat's purple/red hair was a little more purple, and Georgias red hair was Dark blue. wow


Kats pov

today was so much fun. we all got makeovers, but it was a little weird when we ran into Jacob. he kept on staring at us and giving us nasty looks.

"so guys did anything strange happen last night" I saw Louis throw niall glance of annoyance, as I turned to gia and tori. I saw Georgia mouth 'do you think they know'

I shook my head no and we walked upstairs.


T's pov

" you're gonna help me whether you like it or not" I threatened

"why would I do that"

 "because of this" I took knife and cut her arm about one inch, she flinched

"that's why, if you don't do what I say that will happen until your in a body bag"

 "fine what do  you want"


A/N hey guys! so I just wanted to tell you I have a new movella out' finding who I am'. I would really appreciate it if you would check it out.

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