Taken Love

They won't stop until they have want they want. We can only the trust the three of us and one direction, but they might even betray us. We need to find out who these people are because they won't stop until we're dead. It all started when I was kidnapped or was it the day I broke up with my boyfriend.


10. in contact

It's been a week since they kidnapped me. Three days since the kisses. And four since my last escape attempt. Don't get me wrong but I thought about it. If I can gain their trust then I can gain freedom, which will lead to escaping!!!!

I woke up got dressed did my makeup and walked out. I looked at the wall.4:00 am I always wake up this early because of school. This was my chance to explore without bumping in to one of them. This house was huge.  As I walked past Louis room I heard a buzz. I walked in curious about who's phone it was. I heard it coming from the closet. When I opened it everything was on the floor. I dug around for awhile until deep in the back I could feel the vibrations. I pulled it out. It was my phone. I stuffed it in my back pocket and started walking out. Once  got out the room I ran towards mine shut the door to see who was calling. 5 missed calls and 20 texts from Jacob, my boyfriend. 17 missed calls and 40 texts from Kat and Georgia. Sometimes they were a little excessive. I decided to Kat first.

K- hey where have been? Did something happen? Are you hurt?

Me- no ideal. Yes. And I am ok. Is Georgia with you

K- yes she is

Me- great. You will never believe what happen. I met 1D and I am living with them. Plus I GOT TO KISS NIALL HORAN, LIAM PAYNE AND LOUIS TOMLINSON!!!

K- I can hear your sarcasm and stop lien girl

Me- I'm not. but I don't want to be here they kidnapped me at the concert and took me to this wooded place.

K- OMG I am so sorry....that it happened to YOU and not ME.

ME- gotta go someone's coming. Tell Georgia everything bye.

I guess I will have to call Jacob later. I quickly hid the phone under the mattress and laid on the bEd

Harry walked in . I gulped still afraid of what he did." So the boys and I talked and we decide to take you to the mall" I was shocked at first but said yes


We just arrived at the mall and started walking when someone grabbed my I turned thinking it was one of the boys. It was Jacob.


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