Taken Love

They won't stop until they have want they want. We can only the trust the three of us and one direction, but they might even betray us. We need to find out who these people are because they won't stop until we're dead. It all started when I was kidnapped or was it the day I broke up with my boyfriend.


12. broken heart


I kinda felt bad, it me and tori have been distant the past few months.that's why I invited Kat and Georgia over so she would have a shoulder to cry on

"Tori can we talk" I knew she knew that something was up, because I always call her babe, never tori

"Listen I think-" I started to talk but she cut me off

"You think that we should break up so you go can go to kenzie" she said with a smirk

"What how did you know? I'm sorry"

"kenzie just texted me what  happened between you guys and that she doesn't want to see you again" she said as she started walking away. I scoffed at how smug she was acting how would she know if kenzie was going to break up with me.*beep beep* I looked down at my phone

Message from:kenzie<3

Hey um we should break up I just can't hurt tori any more. I  so sorry.

Wow I can't believe this I lost to girls in one day. This is all TORIS fault and she's gonna pay. I grabbed my coat and stormed out the mall.


as I walked away tears started streaming down my face. I was so confident when I talked to him but the the truth is it hurt, so much. I got to the table and sat down. Kat and gia(Georgia) wrapped their arms around me and asked me what's wrong." We broke up" I said in between sniffles. I knew what they were gonna say next but I just wasn't in the mood for twin,well, triplet telepathy. " let's shop those tears away" they yelled as they pulled me up.

We were done shopping and I was feeling so much better. I met with the boys after the mall and got in the car. Liam started driving but I couldn't recognize the way we going after a couple minutes I saw my house and my besties` houses next to it. A few houses later we stop at this enormous white house,I mean my house was big but this was... WOW. "This is a our new house since we trust you enough to live out of the woods" I smiled and walked in going straight to the wing with the bedrooms, they were letting me chose my own. I looked in all the bedrooms and finally settled on the second biggest bedroom with a balcony at the end of the hall. I set all my clothes in the closet. And laid down on my new bed, when a thought occurred to me their were ten bedrooms, 5 boys and 1 ME that meant four were left over. I ran down stairs looking for Liam. I found him in the living room.

"Liam can I ask for a.favor"

"Umm...sure. what do want"

"First can I have my phone back,"I found awhile ago but put back so they wouldn't know it was missing

"I guess so"Liam sighed pulling my phone out his back pocket. It felt so good to have back.

"Then can two friends please come live here with me?" I asked hopefully

"I suppose if they wanted to"

"Thank you so much" I hugged him and ran upstairs I called his because I knew they would be together"

G- hello

Me- hey you guys wanna come live with me?

G- and your crazy kidnappers, um no

Me- I live with one direction

G- no joke

Me- no joke 

G- we will be right over

Me- can you please bring all the stuff in room please

G- oh alright 

With that I hung up. I started to jump around I was so excited. A few minutes later I flew down the stairs to see Kat ringing the doorbell furiously through the glass. I opened the door and greeted them. I the showed then their rooms. When I was done showing the house we all went upstairs to decorate our room.

I finished introducing the girls to the guys so we went to my room to watch a movie when I received a text

Message froM:unknown

hey bitch I'm back for good this time!



A/N hey so comment if you like it so far. Thank you guys for reading my book :)

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