Twin Love

This is a story of the famous Youtubers Jack and Finn Harries. (There youtube channel is jacksgap.) So it starts out with Jack Going to school. Jack is a well known teen who was funny and weird. He didnt know he had a twin. Jack was having a good time at school intill, Finn appeared . Jack felt weird he felt like he knew him like he was real close. Then he realized they were twins! He felt like going up to him but then he saw finn was abadboy type. So he was afraid. Jack wants to meet him but he doesnt have the guts. When he does what do you think will happen?


1. Why cant u go up to him?

It was September 1st, it was the first day of senior year. Jack finally was a senior he was exited and stuff but he felt he was going to miss the school. Jack had many friends, And many ex Boyfriends. No one made fun of him cause he was gay, Because hes the most popular kid ever in LA. He was british but he doesnt know his parents. Jack was having a normal day in class. Learn learn learn. Then he was in Chemistry. The new kids poured in. Then a kid named Finn walked in. He had the same last name as jack. He was wearing a black leather coat, with black baggy jeans, and some ripped jordans. He walked in and sat at the seat right next to Jack. They didnt talk or look at each other. It was awkward but ok.

After class it was lunch. Jack sat at a table with his friends and they talked. " So how was summer????" Hus BFF Katrina said. Then jack explained. The usual party party party sleep. Then Finn just randomly sits at the table. " uh what are you doing? " Lola said like a blonde. "Sitting " Finn said like a smartass. His voice sounded exactly like jacks but deeper. Finn looked at Jack, he didnt notice. Jack thought finn was cute And wanted to go up to him. He was a badboy so jack didnt go. Jack didnt realize Finn was actually gay. Finn left the table and sat by the trash. Then Jack yelled " Hey Finn Come sit over here!" Finn smiled and walked over ge sat and tge talked. Jack tge realized Finn looked exactly like Him. Also finn did too. They must be twins. Tyen finn ask " Do you want to go out with me?"  

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