Twin Love

This is a story of the famous Youtubers Jack and Finn Harries. (There youtube channel is jacksgap.) So it starts out with Jack Going to school. Jack is a well known teen who was funny and weird. He didnt know he had a twin. Jack was having a good time at school intill, Finn appeared . Jack felt weird he felt like he knew him like he was real close. Then he realized they were twins! He felt like going up to him but then he saw finn was abadboy type. So he was afraid. Jack wants to meet him but he doesnt have the guts. When he does what do you think will happen?


2. Uhhhh

"Uhhhh.. Sure...." Jack said nervously. The he mumbled "We're twins...." Finn Shot up blushing. "I know" Finn said. The girls looked. " Incest ...... " Lucy mumbled. Jack Gave her the eyes. She drowed And gazed then ran. 

It was 5:00 PM, Saturday. Its been 3 days since Jack and Finn met. They became best friends. Today is there date. Finn Pulled in with a ragedy ass car. Jack walked out. Finn looked at him checking him out. Finn got out of his car, Jack Walked to him. Finn grabbed his Hips pulled him in for a hug. " I love you jack " Finn said. Jack Blushed he didnt say anything Jack acted like he didnt love jack. Jack was hugging finn like a friend not liie a date. They got in the car and drove to the movies. They saw Iron Man 3. Once the movie was over tyey went to finns house. 

At finns, it was a very old gross house. He lived with a roomate thats not around. Finn Grabbed jack for a kiss. Jack Jumped and pushed Finn away. " NO! " Jack yelled. He ran out the door and ran home. He got home and ran to his room. He went to sleep Crying. 

Authours notes ~~~~

Sorry to cut it short i have stuff to do. I been busy with school. Btw school ends for me June 18th. See you next time

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