Top Ten

So I'm known as a "Music Junkie".
Music is an outlet that keeps me sane. So I decided I'd share some of my favorite music in a movella. So I have decided that once a week I'll upload ten songs that I've found or just heard that week that I think people should check out.
You can leave me links in comments for me to check out music. I'll not be making just a list but also saying what I love about the music and if they have a music video what I like about them.
Hope people like this!

Also, check out the Tumblr page dedicated to this to


24. The Ending

Well everyone, looks like it is time to end this lovely series (can I even call it that?) 

I do apologize to those who do enjoy reading these weekly (sometimes I was late or just forgot about them) updates on current music. I tried to keep it alive with witty talking and commentary but it seemed to fizzle out over time. 

To my lovely six, you all know who you are, you have been here since the beginning and you have made this experience very fun. For all the Kik messages that made me laugh because you couldn't stop laughing at the stupid sh*t I write in the weekly attribute to my weekly music love. 

Yes I am using fancy words in the wrong sense to get my point across. 

Maybe next year this can be picked up again but for now we must lay MoFlow7's Top Ten to rest.

May all the true music lovers continue to love music. 

May all the true music lovers continue to enjoy music. 

May all the true music lovers continue to listen to the music that will forever be in your heart. 

I shall stop rambling now because I doubt this will even be read. 

It's kind of sad knowing that you finished something but guess what maybe I will just start a weekly journal on here. 

Would you read it? 

Probably not but I will stop now really just in case someone is really reading this hoping for this ramble to end. 

RIP Top Ten

No Hate, Only Love,



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