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So I'm known as a "Music Junkie".
Music is an outlet that keeps me sane. So I decided I'd share some of my favorite music in a movella. So I have decided that once a week I'll upload ten songs that I've found or just heard that week that I think people should check out.
You can leave me links in comments for me to check out music. I'll not be making just a list but also saying what I love about the music and if they have a music video what I like about them.
Hope people like this!

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29. June 1, 2014 - June 7, 2014

Sorry I am posting this later than usual. Have had a little bit more of a busier week than usual. 

1. Fallin’ For You - R5

-The vocals in this song are amazing. I love all the voices that make up R5. 

-The lyrics from this song just make me feel like it is okay to be different, someone will still love you

2. Loving You Is Easy - Union J

-Another love song? Sorry guys I am feeling a bit mushy this week. 

-Josh Cuthbert’s vocals are on point in this song! They will melt your heart. As will Jaymi Hensley’s vocals (sorry they are my faves!)

3. Wing$ - Macklemore & Ryan Lewis

-A song with meaning are always good to listen to. I feel like every song of Macklemore’s has meaning behind them. 

-If you haven’t heard this one then I highly suggest it. Between Same Love and this song they are my favorites. 

4. I Hate - Passenger

-A completely perfect song! Seriously listen to this song because it is wonderful. 

=You will laugh, I promise

5. Wild Horses - Antonia ft. Jay Sean

-And here I was thinking that maybe we had lost Jay Sean but oh goodness we have not!

-Antonia’s voice is magic! 

-This is a great song as well. Lyrics are wonderful and have meaning and. They make a good love song that doesn’t necessarily talk about how great or how bad love is. 

6. Invisible - Hunter Hayes

-I know that Hunter Hayes has been popular for awhile now but I wasn’t really all that impressed until I heard this song.

-Added to strong playlist now

7. La La La - Shakira ft. Carlinhos Brown (Brazil 2014)

-Sorry I am a sucker for FIFA songs and you guys have probably already noticed. All the songs this year are amazing!

8. Pills And Potions - Nicki Minaj

-You can feel the emotion in this song. I truly can relate to this song and I respect Nicki for releasing this song. 

9. Summer - Calvin Harris

-I figured it was about time to put this on the Top Ten, considering it is almost summer

-Plus, it a fucking fabulous song!


We always have to have that one song on here, don’t we?

10. Wiggle - Jason Derulo ft. Snoop Dogg

-I gotta say that Jason Derulo’s ridiculous songs are my guilty pleasure. Ask anyone that knows me. 

-You know what to do with that big fat butt!

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