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So I'm known as a "Music Junkie".
Music is an outlet that keeps me sane. So I decided I'd share some of my favorite music in a movella. So I have decided that once a week I'll upload ten songs that I've found or just heard that week that I think people should check out.
You can leave me links in comments for me to check out music. I'll not be making just a list but also saying what I love about the music and if they have a music video what I like about them.
Hope people like this!

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6. July 7, 2013 - July 13, 2013

So music lovers here we go another week of music. I've been a tad busy the last week and slacking on keeping up to date on new releases. Sorry. :(

But I decided that this week I would cover the top 10 on Hot 100.

Some of these songs have been in my person top 10 in previous weeks but I will just discuss them again. 

So it is currently 2 AM on July 7, 2013 and I am taking the top ten off so here it goes.

1. Blurred Lines - Robin Thicke ft. Pharell and TI

This song has been in Billboard's Hot 100 for 11 weeks now with it's peak position being, of course number one. Last week it was also number one. I do believe this song deserves number one because I love everything about the song. The music video on the other hand took it a little far for me because even though it is a song about girls and sex I was expecting more from Robin Thicke. I just don't like music videos that women prance around in hardly any clothing. 

Comment your opinion of the song!

2. Get Lucky - Daft Punk ft. Pharell

Also being on Hot 100 for 11 weeks but has yet to crack the number one position. Last week being in number two and holding the position again for another week. Congrats to Daft Punk and Pharell. (Extra for Pharell for being in two songs that are going to battle for number one and two positions for awhile, in my own personal opinion!) But I do love this song very much. In the next week it'll most likely be in the top ten songs played on my phone.

Comment your opinion of the song!

3. We Can't Stop - Miley Cyrus

So I imagine a lot of you are wondering why I have not included this song in my top ten since it has been released. Well, to answer that question I can't seem to decide if I like this song or not. Let's discuss the politics of the song first. 

Only being on the chart for four weeks and having this type of success is amazing. Round of applause for Miley Cyrus because I will not knock talent. Last week she was in fifth and this week she reached her peak of third. 

Now for my own personal opinion of the song. Miley Cyrus has a voice, to me, that is unique and you have to like her style of music, which I can't place, to enjoy her voice. Yes, I have liked some of her previous songs. This one is all about her becoming the "new" Miley Cyrus. I applaud her for trying to prove she is more than Disney. A lot of the lyrics for this song have great meaning and are sending a good message but on the other hand you have a lot of random lyrics. 

The music video is not at all what I was expecting. It is weird and random and I've only watched it once. For anyone who has tolerated more than once I applaud you. *claps for you!* Go you! I couldn't do it. 

Comment your opinion of the song!

4. Radioactive - Imagine Dragons

Let's all take a moment to send a thousand moments of applauds (is that a word?) for Imagine Dragons. 44 Weeks! Yes! 44 weeks on Billboard's Hot 100! I know that a lot of people didn't think they would have this amount of success but truly Imagine Dragons is one of my favorite bands out there right now. Yeah, I know that their peak position has only been the third spot but come on staying on the chart for 44 weeks with their first single it's an accomplishment guys. Last week they were third and I just have mad respect for them. They are an amazing band and I have not found one song of theirs that I do not like. 

Comment your opinion of the song below!

5. Can't Hold Us - Macklemore & Ryan Lewis ft. Ray Dalton

As you can tell, I really like music that just so happens to be in Hot 100 because here is another great song that I am in love with! Macklemore! Just yeah, Macklemore is an amazing rapper that I wasn't sure if I was going to like at the beginning when I heard him. Just like many of you I heard Thrift Shop first. I heard Thrift Shop before a lot of my friends and you know it didn't really strike me  at first. I liked it because of the beat but it wasn't a song I was going to talk about. Anyway back to this song Can't Hold Us.

21 weeks on the chart. Peak position being number one (who would have questioned that) and last week he was in the sixth position. Just much love to Macklemore and the raps he makes because he raps about what others don't want to take a chance on. 

(Highly unlinkely but you never know) Macklemore if you are reading this I love you and much respect man. Keep rapping and doing your thing.

Comment your opinion of the song below!

6. Cruise - Florida Georgia Line ft. Nelly

Finally a song that I do not like at all! This is going to be a pretty short talk so let's get it over with but who knows I might start ranting. If you want to piss me off just play this song. I don't know why I hate this song so much but you know I do. Sorry to anyone who likes it.

Politics of the song though, it's in the top ten on the Hot 100 so a lot of people like it. Sorry again I don't. Never have and never will. 39 weeks on the chart so mad respect just because of that. Peak position being number four and that is where they were last week. 

Anyway I'm going to need a break after writing this so let me go take one and you can comment your opinion of the song below. 

7. Mirrors - Justin Timberlake

I'm back guys! You don't even know the truth but it's been thirty minutes since I stopped writing. Went and got some Waffle House. For those of you who don't know Waffle House is like the best place in the world. And yes they serve more than waffles. I love how I'm talking about waffles when I'm suppose to be talking about Justin Timberlake.

Every girl some point in their life has had a crush on Justin Timberlake. Go ahead and admit it. I just think that that is a fact. If I'm wrong then I'm wrong but I do believe that it's a fact. Again with getting sidetracked.

Last side track part, promise. I downloaded a program for my computer that turns voice into text and that's why this is written incredibly weird for anyone who was wondering. (If I ever make a YouTube channel you'll see this is how I talk all the time and I mean why wouldn't I?)

Okay! Really now I'm going to focus on the song. Twenty beautiful weeks on the chart. Clapping for Justin Timberlake. Peak position being number two and last week he held the number seven positon. Let's hope he doesn't get too comfy right there. 

Anyway, I love Justin's voice in this song and it's just a good song. I don't listen to it enough to really know how great it is but according to it's pretty good. 

Comment a little something and let me know what you think of Mirrors!

8. Treasure - Bruno Mars

I cut out the text of me singing Treasure because didn't want anyone to have to read that. It would have been scary to read. Kidding, I don't think I'm that bad of a singer. I might be don't really know. I really need to stop getting sidetracked.

Seven weeks on the chart, peak position number eight and last week he was at number eight. Someone is getting too comfy here. Bruno pull yourself together and get a little higher on the chart okay? Thanks love. (I said that in a British accent)

Treasure is currently the number one most played song on my phone. Love this song and cannot stop listening to it. As I've said before not really a huge fan of Bruno but because this song has such an old vibe to it I really like it and I think he should make more music like this.

So if you agree with my obsession with Bruno Mars' Treasure then go ahead and comment below!

9. Come & Get It - Selena Gomez

Twelve weeks on the Hot 100? What? I swear it's been like almost a year since this song came out. That is how many freaking unwilling times I have heard this song. Sorry Selenators. Don't get me wrong I do like this song but come on she has another single out that is better. Can we focus on that? And all local radio stations can we please please please please and one more please stop playing this song every f'ing hour. Thank you. 

The peak position of this song is number six and last week she was in ninth.

What is with these songs? They entirely too comfy with their positions. Next week they gonna have to shake things up. I mean come on.

Alright again I plead with my local radio stations to please stop playing this song. It would be nice. So go ahead and write me a little comment about what you think about this song and we can talk about it. Or not but I'd like to think we are friends and can discuss music.

Sorry I'm a little weird. Should have never downloaded this program that turns my voice into text. 

10. The Way - Ariana Grande ft. Mac Miller

And last let's go ahead and drum roll even though you already know what song it is!!!!!

Ariana Grande ft. Mac Miller with The Way. Yeah, I don't know why I went ahead and told you again. I'm weird, get over it. 

Fourteen weeks on the chart, wait that's more than Selena's song. These songs are way overplayed guys sorry. Tired of both.

Peak position being ninth, sorry Ariana but maybe it was because of your music video and creepy kiss at the end. I think you could have relayed your message without kissing Mac Miller. Like why Ariana? Why? (And it would be perfectly acceptable if the RP account of Ariana answered this question for me! --So if you know her go ahead and let her know I asked!)

Last week this song was in 11th but it was like "Na shawty I'm going back to the top ten. F this being one step behing."

Trust me I have no idea where that came from either. I just talked for a song. Yeah, I'm that weird. 

Anyway, go ahead and leave me a comment! Let me know about your opinion of this song and Ariana I still need an answer. 




Yo Music Lovers!

So if you could have watched me while I was talking about all that you would have never wanted to be my friend or you could have thought I was one of the most awesomest people ever. Yes, I did just use a word that is not correct. (Also correcting all the mistakes throughout this was a pain in the a$$, ha I used dollar signs.)

Back to being normal. No chance. Still talking though to my computer alone which isn't that weird surprisingly. Is that a word? I think it is. Cool.

Any who how what when what? Don't know where all that came from but if you liked this go ahead and comment me some stuff. I would love to hear from you guys.

Go ahead and tell all your friends about this because I only update once a week (sometimes twice) so it's not like you'll have a ton of notifications and you'll still be able to keep up with all your awesome movellas on here! 

Check out any of my stories that you like but if not it's cool.

This is MoFlow saying No Hate, Only Love to all my wonderful fans and goodnight (because it's kinda like 4 am where I'm at)









Let me know if you have any suggestions for a Top Ten list for the future! Right now I've had a few suggestions that I will be taking into account for next week or the week after. First week of August I will let you guys know the top ten most played songs on my phone again because I've been asked to do that again.

Next week there might be two separate lists but they will both only be ten. And remember no suggestion is stupid.

Thanks to AllyStyles165998 for suggesting I cover the Top Ten on Billboard's Hot 100. And to LovelyLouis who gave me the idea for next week's top ten! I won't reveal it just yet but I'm sure you guys can't wait until next Sunday. 

Finally! Let me know if you like the older versions or this version more. I'd love to know. 

Send me some comments. 

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I love hearing from every single one of you guys! 

No Hate, Only Love



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