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So I'm known as a "Music Junkie".
Music is an outlet that keeps me sane. So I decided I'd share some of my favorite music in a movella. So I have decided that once a week I'll upload ten songs that I've found or just heard that week that I think people should check out.
You can leave me links in comments for me to check out music. I'll not be making just a list but also saying what I love about the music and if they have a music video what I like about them.
Hope people like this!

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10. August 4, 2013 - August 10, 2013

I'm going to apologize now for the lack of effort put into this list right now, for I am really busy! But, I know if I do not write this list now then I will never get around to it! 

So Top Ten this week is on The Top Ten Most Played songs on my iTunes.

Please not the number of plays is really low simply because I had to make a new iTunes account and it took awhile to actually get it done. 

Shall we begin?

1. Best Song Ever - One Direction

-Hard not to listen to this song so many times.

-32 Plays 

2. Acapella - Karmin

-Who doesn't like this song?

-27 Plays 

3. I'm A Rapper - Marcus Butler

-You know him from YouTube.

-Guilty Pleasure :)

-24 Plays

4. One Way Or Another (Teenage Kicks) - One Direction

-Supporting Red Nose Day

-23 Plays

5. Don't Let Go (Love) - Little Mix (COVER from XFactor)

-Bought a CD with their winner's single and 3 best live performances

-Such a strong performance

-21 Plays

6. Take Me Home - Midnight Red

-Newest Single

-Amazing Group

-Part of MTV's Artist To Watch

-20 Plays

7. Chloe (You're The One I Want) - Emblem3

-XFactor Group

-Addicting music

-19 Plays

8. Gotta Be You - One Direction

-I like One Direction

-18 Plays

9. Impossible - Shontelle


-Still amazing

-18 Plays

10. Nightingale - Demi Lovato

-Favorite Song of latest album Demi

-Powerful Song

-17 Plays




So again my Flobots I apologize for the lack of true effort put into this Top Ten but I have a contest in mind for my lovely readers. Share this with your friends and let's try and get more favorites on this. 

Love you all.

No Hate, Only Love


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