My Wings Will Fly

Gabby is bullied everyday at school, she is breaking. When she thinks she cant take it anymore, her Mom teaches her that she shouldn't care about what others think of her. She doesn't take her advice, until a group of new boys come into the school. Their names are Liam Payne, Niall Horan, Zayn Malik, Louis Tomlinson, and Harry Styles. They’re good-looking, they have money, and have very nice cars. Popular kid material, but they don’t go to the popular crowd. They go to Gabby, the girl who’s been picked on since 7th grade. They make her believe that she shouldn’t listen to what others say, her wings will fly.


2. Tormented

          “Gabby, hurry up or you’ll be late to school!” My Mom shouted from the kitchen. “Do you think I want to go to that hell hole?” I mumbled. I grabbed my backpack and headed downstairs. “Do you want breakfast?” My Mom asked. “No thanks.” I said walking towards the door. “Bye sweetie, have a good day.” My Mom said. “Bye Mom, love you too.” I said walking out of the door.

            I could now see the school in my sight. “Here goes another miserable day.” I sighed. I walked closer to the school before I heard a familiar voice. “Look, it’s the freak!” Madison said. I sighed and walked to the school doors. I opened the door and I already heard whispers about me. “Lose some weight, fatty.” I heard Madison’s best friend, Elizabeth say. Tears sprung to my eyes but I didn’t let them fall. I was trying to stay strong.

            I heard more whispers as I walked into 1st block. Some whispers called me ‘pathetic’ and ‘ugly’ and others saying that I should kill myself. “Mrs. Williams the office would like to see you.” My math teacher announced to the class. “They probably will kick her out of school because she’s so ugly.” Lily said. Thank god Madison wasn’t in most of my classes. Of course, the teacher didn’t stop the tormenting. I walked out of class and headed to the office. I walked down the stairs and to the office. I looked through the door and saw five boys standing in the office.

             I opened the door and I saw my principle walk towards me. “Gabby, these are new students that have transferred from Lake View High School. I‘m giving you permission to take 1st block to show them around the school. I chose you because you have most of the same classes with them. Now, I will leave you to introduce yourselves.” He said walking away.

             “Um, I’m Gabby Williams.” I said giving them a smile. “Niall Horan.” A blonde boy said sticking out his hand. I grasped his hand and shook it. “Zayn Malik.” A boy with dark hair said. I shook his hand as well. “Harry, Harry Styles.” He said placing a kiss on my hand. “Louis ‘the Tommo’ Tomlinson.” He said shaking my hand. I looked at the last boy and smiled. “I’m Liam Payne.” He smiled. I took a minute to take in his striking features. He was very attractive, they all were. I wouldn’t be shocked if they were sucked into the popular crowd today. “Shall we get started?” I asked.

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