New Girl (1d not famous)


1. New School, New Beginings

Bella's POV

I'm Bella. I'm 16 and I go to Mulligar High School. I just moved here. My mum has a job and were constantly moving. We should be here for a couple of years. Today was my first day I met no friends. I  am super shy. Alot of times people think I'm mute. I pull up into the driveway of my house. I rumage through my purse and grab my keys. I open the door. Mum is still at work. Guess I got the house to myself. I play on my phone. I have no one to text. I have no contacts exept family. I never make friends because I don't want to get attatched then move. I sat on the couch and turned on tv to the cooking network. 

*Next day at school*

One of the "popular" guys was eyeballing me in chemistry. He was star on the football(soccer)  team. After class he walks up to me and says, "Hey, I'm Niall."."Uh-Um-Uh I'm Bella." I say shyly. "Your cute," he starts, "I'm having a party Friday night 9:00. Here is my number, I'll text you my adress.". "K." I say and walk away. Woah, I bet half the girls in the school would die for that to happen to them.

*After school*

Texting Niall


Hi, It's Bella.



Hey babe. 


WWooooaahh. Going a little fast there are we. He texts me his adress and I ate diner then  went to bed.

*Party Night*

Niall chatted with me through the day and I met his friends. Louis, Harry, Zayn, and Liam.  I put on my dark red skinny jeans and a black studded blouse. I drive to Niall's house and there are already a bunch of people there. I ring the doorbell and some random guy opens the door. He looks me up and down and smirks. He lets me in and I go to the back yard where everyone seems to be. "Hey! You made it!" Niall says as soon as he see's me. I nod. "Why don't you talk? Why did you invite her Niall?" some random guy asks. "Uh- Uh" I start "Uh-Uh-Uh-Uh" The guy says sarcasticly. "Dude stop!" Niall says "Since when do you defend the losers?" Another guy says. He shrugs. "Um-Uh Mabye I should just, uh, go." I say walking around the house to my car. "Wait- Wait-" Liam says chasing me. He grabs my shouder. My eyes are filled with tears. "Ignore him, he is drunk." He says. I shake my head. He walks me back out. "Look who decided to show up!" The guy says. "Aright, that's it!" Niall says setting down his drink. "Go home before I make you." He says sternly. They spill there drinks on my shoes with a fake oops and leave. 

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