Last Person I Thought I Would Love

Alex Montez is new to a school called yellow stone high school. she was popular at her old school. Will she keep up her reputation? but she seems to be falling for a guy named Harry...... but Harry doesn't seem interested. will she let go of him? will she share her feelings with him? read to find out....


1. new school

Alex's POV

"Alex wake up!" my mom screamed from upstairs.

I groaned and got up out of bed. I got in the shower, when I got out, since it was really hot out today I put on a pair of studded galaxy short shorts and

a white lace tank top.

I put on foundation, eyeliner, mascara and some clear lip balm.

I straightened my black hair and put my bangs up.

I went downstairs and grabbed some apple juice and sipped it all down and put on my dark blue toms

and grabbed my book bag and my mom gave me and my little sister and little brother a ride to school.

I was honestly terrified of the though of a whole new school with hundreds of people I didn't know.

"here we are Alex." my mom said stopping at my new school. I sighed and started to walk to the student entrance.

I looked at my list and I had L.A first.

"Hi." I heard.

I looked over and there was a blonde good looking guy.

"Hi" I smiled.

"I'm Jake." he smirked.

"Alex." I replied.

"what class do you have?" He asked.


"me too! Its over here." he shouted.

I followed him into a classroom with about 18 students.

It was very awkward because everyone turned and looked at me.

"Aha. the new student!" The teacher yelled making me jump.

"everyone, this is Alex, she's new!" he said excitedly.

"you can take a seat by Mr. Styles over there." He pointed at a good looking guy with curly hair and dimples. He was smirking at me while I was making my way towards him.

I sat awkwardly.

"so your new." He winked.

"uh ya." I replied.

"I can show you around this school at lunch if you want." He smiled.

Ok I know he just wanted to flirt but I really needed to learn my way around this school.

"Sure." I smiled back.

the bell rang shortly after.

Pretty soon it became lunch.

I was at my locker putting my books away.

"Ready to go?" 'Mr. Styles' said.

"yes, you never told me your name." I smiled.

"Its Harry." he smirked.

we walked all around the school.

we still had 20 minutes left till lunch ended.

we sat on a stair case and we talked about why I moved here and how good of a singer Harry was.

I won't believe it until he shows me.







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