Be Your Everything

He cheated and broke my heart, shattering it to pieces. He was everything I’ve ever asked for until that one night when I caught him cheating.

I wanted nothing more than to leave him and have a new start in a new town and leave my past here where it should stay in Florida. That is exactly what I decided to do since that day. I hurried inside and packed practically two almost three months worth of clothes in a duffel bag and scooped that up along with my phone and plane ticket before I was on my way.

Wolverhampton, West Midlands, England was the perfect place, especially since no one knew me and it was far from where I wanted to be. When I arrived there, I had no idea I would meet him let alone fall for him, but that’s what happened, he made me fall in love again. *Liam Payne*


1. Prologue

I just arrived back home from a long day at work. It was another long day at the office. I worked as a front desk clerk at the local fitness gym. Thankfully, the drive wasn’t too long back to my place I shared with my boyfriend, Andrew, who I’ve been with almost two years, eighteen months to be exact.

About five months ago, we made the decision to move in together, after I finished my first year at University of Florida. I grab my belongings from the passenger seat in my car before I get out and begin to make my way up the front steps to the door.

I pull out my key and stick it in the lock and turn it. After I get it unlocked, I push the door open and walk inside before I shut the door behind me and lock it in place. I drop my keys back in my bag I had swung over my shoulder before I set my bag on the table in the entry way before I head into the living room. I couldn’t believe my eyes.

Andrew was sucking face with a blond girl who was seated on his lap while they sat on the couch. Whoever she was, she looked half his age, Andrew only being twenty-years-old. She looked to be in her mid to late twenties, close to thirty practically.

“What is this?! Who the hell is she?!” I question him firmly as I stare at him, crossing my arms over my chest, impatiently waiting for him to reply.

“Uh…she’s–” he looks at the blond girl before glancing back at me standing before him.

“Who is she and why is she in my apartment? Can you answer me that?” I questioned him and shift the weight from my right foot to my left one.

“I–” he began until the blond girl cuts him off, opening her mouth to speak.

“He told me he was single and that he didn’t have a girlfriend – we were at the bar and had a few drinks a-and then w-we came h-here… I’m sorry, I really am,” she stated with a genuine smile on her face. I nod before turning to face Andrew, who was staring at the floor, most likely to avoid my gaze, knowing he was fully wrong on what he had done. He should feel ashamed, we’ve – I mean, were together for almost two years.

“It’s done, Andrew…we’re done,” I snap in a harsh tone before I run toward my – excuse me, his room. I didn’t even look back at his face because I knew he was upset by things being thrown across the room, breaking–shattering to pieces.

Once I walk into the bedroom, I pull my duffel bag from the closet before I begin to toss practically every article of clothing I owned in there – tons of clothes and accessories before I shrug the bag harshly over my shoulder before I grab for the single plane ticket I had kept in a safe place for the longest time. I was excited I could finally use it for something instead of watch it continue to collect dust in my desk beneath tons of papers that had piled up from school. Kind of surprised since it was still good as new when I first printed it off a few months ago.

Next thing I know, I am on my way to the Orlando airport. All my belongings were beside me as I sat in the front passenger seat of my close friend from work, Alex’s car while he drove me to the airport. I am glad he had enough time to take me there even if it is close to a two-hour drive.

At work, I had told him previously I have wanted to get the hell out of here and escape to England for quite some time now. That is when he told me he would love to give me a ride and I accepted his offer. I am excited I finally have the chance since Andrew screwed everything up, that bastard.

for the longest time, I have always wanted to go to England but never really had a good enough reason to go until now. I was so ready to get the hell out of this town and begin a new start in a new town. The town I was going to be living in was some place called Wolverhampton or something.

“Be safe, Delaney, have a good flight,” were the last words he said to me along with a tight hug before I began to make my way to the security checkpoint.

My bags were already checked in and now I had to wait to get through security. I turn to wave back at him once more but he was already gone. I take a deep breath as I wait in the line. This was going to be a major transition and change but I was sure ready. I’m sure being in England will bring me great and better memories than I ever had here. I was up for it, knowing I will have a much better time there than I’ve ever had here, besides going to school.

Author's Notes:

NEW STORY! About the sexy and gorgeous Liam Payne! :D I am SO excited to write this, I really am! (:
this is only the prologue, so that is the reason its so short and crappy :/ the actual first chapter will be much longer than this, promise.

our lovely Liam will be coming in the story soon, in the third or fourth chapter maybe. You all definitely have something to look forward to!c:

Feedback would be greatly appreciated♥♥
Hope you all enjoy!c:

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