Be Your Everything

He cheated and broke my heart, shattering it to pieces. He was everything I’ve ever asked for until that one night when I caught him cheating.

I wanted nothing more than to leave him and have a new start in a new town and leave my past here where it should stay in Florida. That is exactly what I decided to do since that day. I hurried inside and packed practically two almost three months worth of clothes in a duffel bag and scooped that up along with my phone and plane ticket before I was on my way.

Wolverhampton, West Midlands, England was the perfect place, especially since no one knew me and it was far from where I wanted to be. When I arrived there, I had no idea I would meet him let alone fall for him, but that’s what happened, he made me fall in love again. *Liam Payne*


2. One: Welcome to England

“Passengers, this is your captain speaking. Please prepare for landing by securing your safety belts. Hope you all had a safe flight. We should be landing at Wolverhampton Halfpenny Green soon.” the booming voice clicked off the intercom.

I shift uncomfortably in my seat and stretch my limbs as best I could. These seats weren’t comfortable at all. I couldn’t wait to get off this plane so I could finally be able to stretch my legs. In the position I was in now, it definitely wasn’t going to cut it. Being in a too confined space for a long while made me claustrophobic–I don’t do very well with huge throngs of people. It scares me, it really does.

A few minutes later, the pilot comes back over the intercom to tell us it is now safe for us to retrieve our carry-on bags and descend off the plane and into the terminal. I slowly stand up and stretch my legs best I could before I grab my backpack and shrug it over my shoulder along with my Vera Bradley purse that was now hanging on my shoulder across my chest.

I soon make sure I have everything before I step back out into the aisle while I wait for all the passengers in front of me to move. Slowly but surely, I finally make it to the front and thank the stewardess as I step off the plane and into the long terminal that led into the airport.

I am glad the plane ride wasn’t as bad as I thought it was going to be. This has only been my second time flying since I was a little girl. I’m actually quite surprised it went well and I didn’t pass out or something. If I did, that would have been horrible, it really would have.

Once I make my way off the plane and in to the airport, that is when I realize I’m going to have to wait in customs. Oh, the joy of waiting. Let’s hope it doesn’t take too long. I hated waiting. It takes a while but I finally make it through customs. Everything of mine was clear and good to go. Now, off to go get my luggage in baggage claim. I soon grab mine before I head over to the currency exchange.

It takes me a while, but I soon exchange all of my American dollars and change to the British pound. This is sure going to take me some getting used to. I was now on my way out the door so I could hail myself a cab. One soon pulls up moments later. An older man, who looked about in his mid-to-late thirties stepped out and put my duffel bag in the trunk. Once it was in there, he motioned for me to get in. I do as he says and climb in the backseat.

“Where you off to, sweetheart?” the man questions me, staring back at me through the rearview mirror as he begins driving. I don’t even have that much time to buckle myself in before he takes off. I pull the paper with the address on it from the front pocket of my backpack and read it off to the man.

He just gives me a nod in response while he continues to drive. I focused my eyes out the window at the scenery that was flurrying by as the cab rushed past. My mind began to wander off as I begin to think of how my life will be here. I wanted something new, this scenery was definitely something new, and I was of course far, far away from Andrew that was for sure.

“Where you visiting from?” the man questions me, pulling me from my thoughts.

I avert my gaze out the window to the driver’s seat. Completely forgetting that people here drive on the opposite side of the road and car as opposed to how it is in the States. That is one thing for sure; I was not in the United States, let alone Florida any more. I was in England.

“Uh, Florida in the United States, I’m moving here, actually,” I tell the guy kindly.

“Splendid,” he replies as he comes to a slow stop at a light. “Welcome to England, miss,” he says.

I mutter back a soft “thank you” before I avert my gaze back out the window. I decided to pull my ear-buds from my bag along with my iPhone so I could listen to some music to pass the time. After I plug them in, I go to my music and play the first song I came across, which was a song by Digital Daggers, called The Devil Within, one of my current favorite songs at the moment.

Next thing I know, I glance out the window to find the cab I was in sitting in front of a small-looking house. It seemed perfect, small enough and not too big. Not too long ago, I had found this place on some website where there weren’t any offers where I had put an offer in on it. Being the only one, I managed to rent out this place since buying was so damn expensive. Thankfully, I had enough money from working back home in Florida and managed to save it all up over the years.

I stuff my phone and ear-buds in my bag before slinging it over my shoulder. I thank the man who holds the door open for me while I climb out of the back seat and walk to the back where he had set my bags on the sidewalk. Thankfully it was all still intact and no one tried to take anything.

“Thanks,” I tell the man and give him a good enough tip in pounds. He gives me a simple nod and a smile before climbing back in the car and zooming off, leaving me standing there on the sidewalk in front of my new place to call home.

“Welcome home, Delaney,” I mutter to myself as I hoist my duffel bag over my left shoulder while I make my way up the pathway to the door of my new home. I stop in front of the door so I could pull out the keys to my new place, which I kept in a secure spot in my bag. It hardly took me very long before I unlock the door and make my way inside, turning on the light in the main entry way.

After I step inside, I shut the door and lock it making sure I was secured inside before I begin to head toward the hallway to find my new room. The place seemed abandoned and seeing it like this made me want to build it up and make it nice and pretty. It had wood floors and was already fully furnished which I was very thankful for because shopping for things for a new house is definitely a pain.

For the next couple hours, I get my stuff settled in my room. I was exhausted from the long flight. All I really wanted now was to sleep. The last thought on my mind before I passed out on the surprisingly comfortable bed was that I was going to explore tomorrow and see what there is to do around here, but right now, all I wanted more than anything was to get some shut-eye.

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