Meet Maria, a 16 year old school-girl, focused on her studies and determined to discover the mystery of her past. Join her on her journey through time, wont you??


1. Dad?

Maria sat at the desk in her room and rubbed her forehead, “I just…. Don’t get it,” She sighed, “Maybe father could help….” She mumbled to herself and picked up her math homework, carefully stepping down the cobblestone staircase. “Dad?” She walked into the kitchen. She tripped over a table and a picture

Blood dripped on the frame, and ran down into a pool on the stone floor. “Huh?” She looked at her finger. There was a shard of glass embedded into her index finger. She gripped it firmly and removed it. She grasped the iron buckle on the torch attached to the wall and unlocked it, picking up the wooden handle and carrying it further down the corridor, leading to her father’s study. “Dad?” No reply. A clear foggy liquid poured out from under the wooden door and burnt part of her shoe away. “What the-?!” She firmly grasped the knob firmly and took a deep breath.



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