No Matter What You Say It Won't Hurt Me

A story based on the song "Wings" by Little Mix


2. Your Words Don't Mean A Thing

                                                 Eleanor's POV

        It's time to get up now. Great. I pull myself out of bed and get ready for the day. I put my Little Mix CD in the radio and put the volume on quiet. "Wings are made to fly-y-y-y-y and we don't let nobody bring us dow-ow-ow-ow-own No matter what you say it won't hurt me Don't matter if I fall from the sky These wings are made to fly." I quietly sing. I straighten my hair, throw and outfit on, grab my bag, then walk out the door. When I get to school I get pushed onto the ground right away. My only friend, Lucy, helps me up. "Are you alright??" Lucy asks me concerned. I nod and weakly smile. Lucy smiles back.


           The first class I have with the biggest bully, Cole Newman. "Hey b*tch!!" Cole says as he slaps me. I ignore him and pay attention to the teacher. "Ok class. Today we are going to do a project on space. You will make a model of the planets IN ORDER and then describe each planet. We will split into groups of two. Here are the groups. Natalie and Jason. Aria and Toby. Hanna and Samuel. Samantha and Jack. Natasha and Jake. Lacey and Dyln. Arabella and Dallas. Annabelle and Liam. Lucy and David. Ariana and Max. Katy and William. Courtney and Lewis.


            Oh no........ Only me and Cole, are left. 


"And Eleanor and Cole." The teacher finishes.

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