Fix You

A fan fiction about One Direction. "Lights will guide you home. And ignite your bones. And I will try to fix you."


1. Everything has Changed "Cause all I know is we said hello. And your eyes look like coming home."

I hopped off my mo ped to go throughout the gates of St. Judes for the artistically gifted. I had no place here. St. Judes was for the mega rich, who went to the elementary school attached since kindergarten. I was new money and I am transferring in as a junior in the middle of the semester.



"Watch it!!!" Two girls with high ponies, perfect coach purses, jewelry with diamonds and designer violin cases bumped into me and glared. They stomped off with their designer, heeled saddle shoes.



I rolled my eyes, but self consciously looked down at my beat up white high tops and nike socks. I wore the stereotypical uniform. Students could pick between dark, light blue, and grey high waisted, pleated uniform skirts. We could wear tights and short or long sleeved polos, with logos custom made from lacoste, and jackets in the school colors.



I wore high tops, with friendship bracelets from my best friends back home. this morning I threw on a simple thick, knitted blue sweater and a ripped up jean vest and threw on a beanie and sleeveless gloves for the cold. I was already out of place. Who knew an art school would be so…not artsy. It didnt help that I had several ear peircings and my guitar case was old and had stickers all over them. My drum sticks and sheet music were sticking out of my old white-now turned grey backpack. I sighed and took the beat headphones from around my neck and walked up the stairs that looked more like walking into a palace that a school.



I sat in the reception of the school. Oh sorry school office not reception. It was filled with old expensive looking furniture and a portrait of the first headmaster was above the marble fire place. Jesus.


"Georgia?" I looked up to see a cute looking girl who didnt look that rich and snooty.


"Umm ya?" I got up and pulled down my earphones.


"I'm Alexandra, or Alex for short! Welcome to St. Judes."


Alex and I walked down the hall for a bit as she tried to explain the schedule.



"We go on a sort of block system here, for three days a week you will have an earlier lunch and go to your arts classes. You have voice recording, modern dance and ballet. And it says here that you have private guitar, violin and piano lessons. And AP studio art. Jesus could you do any more!!!" She giggled and showed me to my new locker.


On our way to my first class I noticed figures on the landing of the stairs. Five boys. People seemed awed by them when they passed and cautious so not to disturb them.


"Who are those guys?" I asked Alexandra.


"Oh them? That is One Direction…." She looked at me expectantly.


"Wait the British boy band?" I would have to live under a rock to not know who One Direction was.

"Yep.'' She smiled. "Isn't Niall just adorable.''

I looked at her quizzically.


"Wailt you don't know which ones which.?" She looked skeptical.

"Um no I just know who they generally are." I replied.


She smiled "These boys practically run the school. They have gotten people kicked out of school.


Whatever they want the school does its crazy they don't even have to wear the uniform. Well the taller one leaning on the railing is Liam. He is the most sensible he usually keeps the other guys in check. But if you mess with him your life is screwed. The blonde one is Niall, he's Irish. And a bit of a playboy, but not on purpose girls just go crazy fro him. He usually has a different girl every night. But the paparazzi never catch wind of it. The one with the stripes in Louis he can be really mean but he's best friends with harry the one leaning against the wall. He is the one you have to watch out for. He has probably fucked every girl at this school. Rumor is even teachers. He is the one with the biggest temper. And the guy sitting on the Stairs is Zayn. He is also a womanizer but more quiet. He always looks moody."



I stared at Alex, this was a hell of a lot to take in. I looked up at the boys a last time and found Harry and Zayn staring at me. Harry winked at me and tapped on Louis shoulder and pointed at me. Then smiled and whispered something in Louis's ear. Zayn just stared. I blushed and quickly made it to the end of the Hallway where Alex was waiting. I looked back one last time to see Zayn grinning madly at me.

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